Getting to grips with the Warlock

I’ve blogged about playing Warlock a few times now. Hymm has done 2 lives, 1 melee and one pure caster. I enjoyed the pure Warlock build so much I turned Othala into one. He is currently sitting at level 27 and will be staying as a Warlock for the foreseeable future.

So, I’ve started doing something I don’t normally do – start working out how I can make him as effective as possible and what gear I need to get him.

It might seem strange that I don’t normally do this, but since I play Hymm most of the time, and he is pretty much constantly TR’ing, I have a set of gear he tends to use a lot which is fairly generic, a few ‘specialist’ items for certain lives, but mainly his equipment will just have to do until I settle on a final life.


But as well as equipment I’ve been thinking about stats and skills. Othala is Fey Pact and I have taken the Utterdark Blast enhancement. This means my eldritch blast damage is evil & sonic. Obviously I want to enhance the spellpower for those areas as much as possible and last night I got confused about whether the Spellcraft skill was, in fact, of any use. It specifically says it does not help sonic and for some reason I confused the positive spellpower with light, thinking it also wouldn’t help with the evil damage.


Thankfully a guildie and several helpful people on Twitter (thanks Rest, Tholgrin, Legend & Illarvan!) sorted that confusion out for me. But I’ve realised I’ve not put any skill points in Perform, which improves the Sonic damage, so I have a very strong suspicion that once he hits level 30 there will be an Epic Reincarnation in his near future….

This is what happens when you tend to play characters that just hit things with a big stick! But it’s fun to be learning about this side of characters and I’ll try to keep you updated into the gear I manage to collect and what I change when I do Epic Reincarnate 🙂

Have fun, see you around!

7 thoughts on “Getting to grips with the Warlock

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