It’s a Hard(core) Life

Well wouldn’t you just know it – I get a spare hour to log on to DDO and do some crafting and the servers are down for Update 49… but yay new quests! And you get a blog 😛

So, obviously from the title, I’ve been playing some Hardcore Season 4. It’s actually the first time I’ve been back to it since Season 1 – and I honestly did not do particularly well. I think I got a character to level 10. But, when this season started my brother in law, Jayuus, asked if we fancied trying it, and then we roped Bonnie Bew into it and suddenly we have a semi static party on a weekend.

Kobold Assault on Hardcore server
Artificer loves Kobold Assault

There have been deaths :-/ And I was the first to go! My Paladin decided instead of tanking a door way, he was going to run into a room full of kobolds – and two reapers. I didn’t stand a chance 😀

Then Jayuus got too far ahead with his sorceror and was ambushed by (I feel a pattern here) two reapers.

And then Rach, while we were running around farming for collectibles in Three Barrel Cove was ambushed by the assassin Ithun Orenah when we mistakenly got seperated. I probably shouldn’t say how funny it was listening to her swear at her hireling cleric as she lay there on -2 hit points for 5 seconds until she was finished off 😉

Looking at a chest
Is it a mimic?

I didn’t initially realise that mimics only appeared if someone in the party was level three – this is what happens when I don’t read the notes 🙂 But we’ve taken the sensible approach:-

  • Get hirelings, put them on active and park them by the chest
  • Get resistance spells/wands/pots
  • Move back as soon as the chest is opened!
New champions on the Hardcore server
New champion

The new champions haven’t caused too much trouble so far – although I did read Syncletica’s post from last week that mentions the danger of “Valaara’s Legs”, so I’ll keep keeping an eye out for those in the future.

I’m hoping we can make the most of the full event this time. Rach and I would really like the Daelkyr steed, so we need to put some effort to get that 5K favour.

Other Stuff

Meanwhile, prior to Hardcore starting, Hymm and Willowing capped again. Rach has now hit triple completionist on Willowing and we’ve decided to leave them there for a while looking for gear and trying to run some raids. That was going quite well until everyone ran off to the Hardcore servers… We’ve also decided to spend some time with our alts. It was supposed to be one alt – but we’ve ended up TR’ing two of them. With those and the Hardcore characters I have run quests of level 1- 5 A LOT!

We’ve done a few gear runs with Jayuus and Bonnie in the Feywild too, and came across our first Fey Twisted chest. Really – I need to pay more attention to the update notes!

A fey twisted chest
Fey Twisted Chest

Anyway – whatever you are up to on DDO, I hope you are having a blast. I’m looking forward to new quests in Update 49 and really hoping the changes to reduce lag are effective! And if you didn’t know, there’s a new blogger for DDO – go have a look 😀

I guess I’ll go find something to do while DDO updates now….

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