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Life 18

Sunday afternoon myself and Rach capped our current lives. It feels like this life has gone pretty quickly (which I guess it has, 15 to 28 rather than the 1 to 28 of the previous life). I am, however, getting a bit bored of bards now. The plan was to TR back into my last artificer life using the previous artibard build – but I couldn’t face it. So last night we TR’d and I’ve gone with a more traditional artificer build, with a 2 rogue splash for evasion. We’re back to level 1 (actually, level 2 after a quick run of Korthos Village), the plan being to again hit 28, epic TR then heroic TR.
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British Invasion

First – apologies for this going out, for me, later than normal on a Monday. I’m ill today so this has been delayed from my usual time of Monday morning (that’s in comparison to when I normally blog if I have anything to blog about!)

Second – as Mizz mentioned in her last blog there have been quite a few blogs within the OurDDO community lately about guilds. Sorry – this is another one. Well, partially. I’ll try and throw some other stuff in too. Feel free to skip down if you’d prefer.

I hope you don’t though 😀
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Playing a Bit of Everything

Although I have played my TR Hymm during my normal evening game play, I’ve jumped around with who I play over the weekend more than I normally do. Usually I seem to pick a character and run him all weekend. Oh and we helped out a friend 🙂 more on that later.

 photo invaders_zps3f78f443.jpg
I actually took this shot the other week but forgot to include in my last blog
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Sarlona Weekend (with some silliness)

I didn’t get as much time to play this weekend as I’d hoped, but the time I did get was productive, fun and maybe just a little bit silly…

Myself & two guildies ran the High Road chain. I know myself & Row were running our latest TR chars (Hymm & Willowing), I’m not sure what Aldrac was running… the guy TR’s so much I can’t keep track lately 😛 The run was just eH on everything. It went very smooth, we all have self heal capabilities with our builds, including ED’s, which makes things a lot easier 🙂 And with it being first time run, nice XP!
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Hymm Follow Up – Epic Levels

Last weekend, we had the mad dash from 1 – 20 with our TR’s. This weekend was all about the epic XP. The three of us from the HotDW guild had hit the House P chain and part of the House D chain during the week. Once the DG joined us on Saturday we ran through the Red Fens & VoN chains on EH, followed by the first 2 quests in the Lords of Dust chain.

Again, I have to say that the team, with all the self heals we have going on (helf cleric dille, warforged, UMD) blitzed through without any real problems. I guess it also helps that we’re all on 3+ lives so have lots of gear. I didn’t actually realise how many clickies I had on Hymm…..
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