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Life 18

Sunday afternoon myself and Rach capped our current lives. It feels like this life has gone pretty quickly (which I guess it has, 15 to 28 rather than the 1 to 28 of the previous life). I am, however, getting a bit bored of bards now. The plan was to TR back into my last artificer life using the previous artibard build – but I couldn’t face it. So last night we TR’d and I’ve gone with a more traditional artificer build, with a 2 rogue splash for evasion. We’re back to level 1 (actually, level 2 after a quick run of Korthos Village), the plan being to again hit 28, epic TR then heroic TR.
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British Invasion

First – apologies for this going out, for me, later than normal on a Monday. I’m ill today so this has been delayed from my usual time of Monday morning (that’s in comparison to when I normally blog if I have anything to blog about!)

Second – as Mizz mentioned in her last blog there have been quite a few blogs within the OurDDO community lately about guilds. Sorry – this is another one. Well, partially. I’ll try and throw some other stuff in too. Feel free to skip down if you’d prefer.

I hope you don’t though πŸ˜€
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Playing a Bit of Everything

Although I have played my TR Hymm during my normal evening game play, I’ve jumped around with who I play over the weekend more than I normally do. Usually I seem to pick a character and run him all weekend. Oh and we helped out a friend πŸ™‚ more on that later.

I actually took this shot the other week but forgot to include in my last blog

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Sarlona Weekend (with some silliness)

I didn’t get as much time to play this weekend as I’d hoped, but the time I did get was productive, fun and maybe just a little bit silly…

Myself & two guildies ran the High Road chain. I know myself & Row were running our latest TR chars (Hymm & Willowing), I’m not sure what Aldrac was running… the guy TR’s so much I can’t keep track lately πŸ˜› The run was just eH on everything. It went very smooth, we all have self heal capabilities with our builds, including ED’s, which makes things a lot easier πŸ™‚ And with it being first time run, nice XP!
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Hymm Follow Up – Epic Levels

Last weekend, we had the mad dash from 1 – 20 with our TR’s. This weekend was all about the epic XP. The three of us from the HotDW guild had hit the House P chain and part of the House D chain during the week. Once the DG joined us on Saturday we ran through the Red Fens & VoN chains on EH, followed by the first 2 quests in the Lords of Dust chain.

Again, I have to say that the team, with all the self heals we have going on (helf cleric dille, warforged, UMD) blitzed through without any real problems. I guess it also helps that we’re all on 3+ lives so have lots of gear. I didn’t actually realise how many clickies I had on Hymm…..
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TR Weekend

As you’ll know if you readΒ Samius’ blog, 3 of my guild and 3 of his guild TR’d last weekend. We’d all purchased Otto Boxes while they were on sale in the Turbine store and were waiting for confirmation of when the next XP bonus weekend would be. I wasn’t expecting it to be the following weekend.. oh well – all plans put on hold πŸ˜€

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