British Invasion

First – apologies for this going out, for me, later than normal on a Monday. I’m ill today so this has been delayed from my usual time of Monday morning (that’s in comparison to when I normally blog if I have anything to blog about!)

Second – as Mizz mentioned in her last blog there have been quite a few blogs within the OurDDO community lately about guilds. Sorry – this is another one. Well, partially. I’ll try and throw some other stuff in too. Feel free to skip down if you’d prefer.

I hope you don’t though πŸ˜€

Anyone who has read my blogs or follows me on Twitter will know that my guild, Heros of the Dragon’s Wrath, plays regularly with the Defense Guild. Samius contacted me a year ago with the intention of finding out if we’d like to join his guild. But we were level 70 something, which is reasonably high, and we weren’t sure. It was a big step. So we decided to just alliance up, play weekends, see how things went.

As I mentioned – it’s been a year. Last week our guild hit level 85 and we felt this was the go/no go point. Did we spend money to get the level 85 guild ship and stay as we were? Or did we join Defense Guild, excellent players, a great group of people who have become our good friends and focus on getting us, as one guild, to level 100? Guild discussions resulted in us deciding the best thing to do would be to join Defense. So we did πŸ˜€

Heros still exists. We are moving our main characters over to Defense but some of us (and I’m a culprit of this) have a lot of alts who don’t get played as much. These will be kept with our original guild for the time being.

I suspect Samius was showing his competitive side πŸ˜›

Other stuff πŸ™‚ I gave my tank, Grypp, the weekend off and focused on my dark monk Dimachaerii again this weekend. I’m still loving the damage he’s doing. On Saturday we ran some of the Storm Horns quests on eE and I was quite pleased with how he did. He still died, mainly in the last part of Breaking the Ranks but overall I thought he did OK. It has shown me that I need to spend some time thinking about his current gear, but I already knew that really – it just emphasised it.

General Grablandurr from Lines of Supply

He did get a really nice cosmetic helmet though πŸ˜€


Sunday we ran the Sschindylryn eE then the Demonweb eE, as one of our guildies needed PDK favour, most of us needed XP and there was a +2 loot weekend on. For a change I was the cleric…. there may have been a few deaths…. maybe more than a few πŸ˜€ Eh, I need the practise!. It was a fun, chilled out weekend, with a lot of laughs πŸ™‚

Have fun, see you around!

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