Holiday Endeavours

Anybody who follows me on twitter will probably know I have this week off work. (What do you mean – had? Oh bloody hell it’s Friday already!)


It’s been quite a productive week. Because my partner & I have the day to do stuff we’d like to get done, without worrying about dragging the guild around doing stuff, or detracting from our TR runs, we’ve managed to get a few ‘jobs’ done.

She’s crafted her GS hit point item for her light monk & rogue. I created my GS hit point item for my dark monk. We both got some Cannith gear upped to Tier 3. She finished off her Eveningstar gear selections. My dark monk got his ancient gemstone docent converted to the third part of the Woodsman’s Guile set.

We also jumped into a hard Shroud last night with a pug, which was quite fun. Part 1 went very well, part 2 took 3 attempts to get done, part 3 got a bit hairy. We had just one 5×5 puzzle to get done and the wall had arrived. There were 3 or 4 people in the puzzle room – they all died 😦 So I jump in once the wall has passed and get started on the puzzle. As I’m jumping around my partner is telling me where the wall is….got the last lights lit just as it was bearing down on me! The rest of the run went nice and smooth, with 2 LDS for me in the end chests 🙂

Rune arm crafting thoughts?

So, reading the latest blogs by Samius has reminded me of something.

I have a level 20 artificer, Othala, who I think may actually be my favourite character. I know everyone says arties don’t do good damage, but I’m seeing decent numbers off him, and lots of them. I also seem to have picked up quite a few good rune arms. My most used are Glorious Obscenity and Lucid Dreams.

What I haven’t done is taken advantage of the crafting. So, while I will be researching this myself – does anybody out there have any suggestions of what’s best to add to a rune arm? As I understand it, once it’s on there, it cannot some off, so I guess I need to choose wisely!