Rune arm crafting thoughts?

So, reading the latest blogs by Samius has reminded me of something.

I have a level 20 artificer, Othala, who I think may actually be my favourite character. I know everyone says arties don’t do good damage, but I’m seeing decent numbers off him, and lots of them. I also seem to have picked up quite a few good rune arms. My most used are Glorious Obscenity and Lucid Dreams.

What I haven’t done is taken advantage of the crafting. So, while I will be researching this myself – does anybody out there have any suggestions of what’s best to add to a rune arm? As I understand it, once it’s on there, it cannot some off, so I guess I need to choose wisely!

7 thoughts on “Rune arm crafting thoughts?

  1. While i don’t have any clues about arties and runearms, i have a guildie that has focussed on crafting ánd has an artie. I’ll try to remember to point him to this blog when i catch him ingame.
    Maybe you wanna post this on the forums aswell? Generaly you’ll get more responses there.

  2. That’s true, I probably should. I just popped this on here while going through blogs earlier 🙂

    If I don’t find a forum post about it already I shall give it a shot – cheers.

  3. Attack Bonus, Melee or Ranged Alacrity, Spell pen or Potency.

    I also think a ranged focused Fleshy Arty can have a really good AC so that is also a thought.

  4. I stuck the highest attack bonus shard I could on my various runearms at various levels just to make sure those endless fusillades didn’t have any misses.

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  6. Back in the day you could put Attack Bonus +4 on them, but that shard was increased in potential after a while. Depends on your goals and plans. One thinking is to shove a common always-on stat there, like Feather Fall, but that won’t max out the potential. Not sure nowadays to be honest!

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