Too many things to do!

So, things have been a bit hectic both in game and in real life over the last month or so. My apologies for the lack of blogs 😉 If it’s any consolation, I have another 2 planned that I hope to get out this week.


In DDO, I’ve been ploughing through the levels with Hymm again. He’s now on life 28. Which means I completely failed to blog about how the Morninglord life worked out, nor about the Warlock life after that!

The Morninglord life was OK. Not huge DPS, not huge healing, but the aura ticked over nicely and I could hold my own in fights. A handy build for getting a cleric life without being a cleric 🙂
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Character Plans for 2016

Over the Christmas and New Year period I’ve found myself switching between characters quite a lot. Due to the various states they are all in I’ve found myself a bit lost as to who has flagged for what, who is going where. So here’s the blog none of you asked for, something to try and help me focus on my character plans for 2016 in DDO.


Hymm is still my main character and is still working towards triple completionist. Along the way, I intend to get all the Iconic Past Lives (probably more then I need to be honest) and Epic Completionist too.
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Amrath, Levelling and more Amrath

It’s been an eclectic few weeks in DDO for myself & Rach. We have been concentrating on our main characters, as usual, getting them to cap. But we have also thrown in a few weekends running our alts – 2 at epic levels and 1 a newly minted iconic (I say new but he’s actually been level 14 for a few weeks :P)

Hymm & Willowing have been blitzing through the quests as usual. Rach’s barbarian pretty much clears up everything. I just jump in with my Divine Crusader (or “puddle of pee” as it is known in the guild – don’t ask) helping to mop things up and give some extra healing.
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Finishing Off

This weekends bonus XP in DDO allowed me to get some characters finished off – finally!


This life has definitely taken longer than usual, but there has been a lot of real life stuff to do so it was inevitable it would take a bit longer. However I capped Hymm’s 19th life on Friday. This has been my first barbarian life since the enhancement tree overhaul, and my first ever fully played halfling char. He has been a lot of fun to run, the speed of halflings, added with the speed boosts from barbarian, made quests zoom along 🙂 I’ve liked the changes to the barbarian, the self healing is very handy.
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Slow Going

It’s been a busy few weeks. I’ve been revising for an exam, I’ve been working on some personal training, so leveling Hymm has felt very slow so far.

Hymm & Willowing hit level 10 a few days ago. We’re currently working through the level 8 quests on elite and they are going well. Willowing is a pure barbarian, Hymm is barbarian with 2 rogue. I was originally intending to also do pure barbarian but after a few levels I just felt that the rogue levels could make things a lot easier.
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TR Lives & Temple of Elemental Evil

It’s been a few weeks or more since I last blogged. But I’m back to feeling I’m blogging the same thing over and over again – the result of my TR’ing I suppose. Well guess what? That’s mostly going to be the same in this blog too 🙂

If it’s any consolation I have lots of pictures 😛


As I mentioned in my previous post, I wasn’t happy with the performance of my artificer, Othala. This was especially true as I compared him to Hymm, who is currently running his third and last artificer life. The difference in damage was very obvious. I realise Hymm has all those extra lives, and to be perfectly honest probably much better gear, to rely on – but I was still unhappy about it.
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Christmas Blog

OK, there’s nothing actually Christmassy about this blog, apart from the fact it’s Christmas Day tomorrow 😉 But, Merry Christmas to you all, hope Santa brings you all the loot you want!

This week in DDO has been fairly steady. I’ve run on Orien Monday & Thursday. Check out Micki’s blog for all our exciting adventures 🙂

Hymm, who I class as my main (and favourite) character has now taken level 16 and thanks to a run of House C challenges on Sunday has caught up with my guildmates and has level 17 banked.
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Catch Up

It’s not been the most exciting of weeks, so I haven’t much to pass along. But I’m going to bore you all with it anyway 🙂

Our 5th guildie finally got his internet sorted out, so managed to get a few days of Mabar in with him before it dropped. Unfortunately all my farming plans seem to have gone out the window, I think I’ll have to get serious with it when (if?) it comes back later this month.

We’re gradually getting back to running our TR’s, who are now at 13 (Hymm, with 14 banked) and 11 (Fyrne with 12 banked).

I do miss my light monk though. So I cheated and created a Vet II light monk on Orien to try my whirlwind build with. He doesn’t get played very often, but it’s nice to jump on with him now & then.

Yesterday I realised that there is one mission in the whole of DDO that I actually hate. It’s the Claw of Vulkoor. Why you ask? It’s the damn Priestess Ionna! She sounds like Michael Jackson, whispering in my ear. Bugs me! lol

OK, that’s me for now.

Have fun, see you around!

TR Train Comes Off the Tracks

Unfortunately, one of the guildies is having issues with his ISP. He has lost his internet and doesn’t expect it to be back for a few weeks. As we TR’d our characters as a whole guild, it seems a bit unfair for us to keep playing them while he’s not around.

Fortunately, I have plenty of other characters to work with 🙂

So, over the weekend, my partner helped me get my barbarian to cap (is 20 still cap? Oh well you know what I mean), where I promptly took my free LR to re-spec him. I always felt I’d not taken some of the feats I needed, missed a few enhancements. So this was a good point to correct that. Except that I stupidly picked the THF feat instead of the TWF feat {facepalm}. But, I took the TWF feat as well, continued the LR, then ran off to see Fred in House J to swap THF for Toughness 🙂

Last night, we ran with our second lot of TR’s. That is my fighter and my partners clonk. The whole idea of TR’ing these characters was to play them when nobody else was around. So I don’t feel guilty about playing them while my guildie gets himself sorted out. One of our other guildies jumped on with his druid and we had fun running Tear of Dhakaan with his ‘pack’.

My dark monk is working through his US epic destiny a bit at a time. But I haven’t played my high level fighter or artificer in weeks. I should really spend some time with them too……

Looking forward to Update 16, even though the Primal Avatar epic destiny reminds me of this old UK advert (and now I’m showing my age!!)

Have fun, see you around!