Amrath, Levelling and more Amrath

It’s been an eclectic few weeks in DDO for myself & Rach. We have been concentrating on our main characters, as usual, getting them to cap. But we have also thrown in a few weekends running our alts – 2 at epic levels and 1 a newly minted iconic (I say new but he’s actually been level 14 for a few weeks :P)

Hymm & Willowing have been blitzing through the quests as usual. Rach’s barbarian pretty much clears up everything. I just jump in with my Divine Crusader (or “puddle of pee” as it is known in the guild – don’t ask) helping to mop things up and give some extra healing.

Fending off a dangerous squirrel
in Trackers Trap

Epic Light Unending - the quarterstaff from Indiana Jones, or a big spoon...?

Epic Light Unending – the quarterstaff from
Indiana Jones, or a big spoon…?

While we were still at heroic level Update 27 came out with the new Amrath content. And we were just about to hit level 15 – great timing. And we’ve run the raid quite a bit since hitting epic levels. It’s a fun raid, I like it. I am really looking forward to getting the whole guild on one weekend and just us running it. Yes, shocking, we’ve been running the new raid in pugs ๐Ÿ˜€

Last weekend we managed a short manned guild run of Temple of the Deathwyrm for the first time in a long time. It was great fun. At the end fight we had Tobril on the dragon, Aldrac was kiting Kuldjargh, with myself, Rach and Samius clearing cultists with us to go through to the shadow side at the appropriate time. Except that wasn’t working. Eventually Rach took the dragon, Tobril the Kuldjargh, and Aldrac and myself went shadow side. Samius was having serious lag issues so ended up helping with heals on Rach. Aldrac and I were really lucky, we got the Phylactory on the second trip through.



Waiting for the levers to be pulled

Waiting for the levers to be pulled

In the end, it was a pretty smooth run and it was fun getting back in there.

And Hymm finally picked up a Jibbers Blade from 3BC!

And Hymm finally picked up a Jibbers Blade from 3BC!

And I’ve just realised that we TR’d on July 13th so it’s taken us only a month to cap. Not bad (for us). The build has been fun but I don’t think I have maximised on the warlock part. I have been using the aura from Enlightened Spirit for extra damage, but my main damage has come from the quarterstaff.

My once artificer, Othala, is now a level 26 sorceror. He ran some epic quests, mainly Three Barrel Cove and Amrath, the other weekend with guildies. He’s kind of gimpy to be honest – good job I have guildies who don’t mind carrying him along (not literally – I wasn’t always a soul stone).

Othala running the new epic Amrath quests

I even managed to finally cap Grypp, my fighter who eTR’d months ago and has been sat around just shy of level 28. Of course, I have to decide what to do with him now….

Since capping Hymm & Willowing we’ve mainly switched to our alts Fyrne (paladin) & Rowendar (sorceror). We hit level 17 today and I’m feeling a lot more comfortable with the build than I was when he first TR’d. Mainly because I’ve picked up some better equipment ๐Ÿ™‚

Fyrne & Rowendar running Heroic Amrath

One thing we have really noticed this life is the monster manual rewards. It may be because of the new volume, obviously it ties in with us running the new content. But we do seem to have had a lot of rewards. A nice surprise was when we picked up a gnoll reward which was 250 mysterious remnants – I like that addition ๐Ÿ™‚

Gnoll exterminator II

So that’s 4 characters who have run the new content in one form or another since it came out. The quests are fairly short but I think they are fun. As I have mentioned, I really enjoy the raid. And I love the storyline. I am really really looking forward to epic Vale of Twilight to see how it turns out ๐Ÿ˜› And honestly – who doesn’t want more Harry in their DDO?

Anyway, after a busy few weeks we’re going to try and take a break this week. I have to rebuild Rach’s PC, I have some revision to do for a coming exam and we’re going away on holiday in a few weeks and we need to work out what we’re going to visit when we’re there ๐Ÿ˜€

Shavarath as seen from Amrath

Have fun, see you around ๐Ÿ™‚

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