Starting a Melee Warlock…

Due to an unfortunate incident with Rach taking the day off work, leaving her keys in my car and my driving off to work after locking her in the apartment this morning – I got to take the afternoon off work. Which resulted in two quests in Stormhorns being run and us capping this life 😛

20 minutes later, we have the last of the favour obtained for House K & the Coin Lords, 10 minutes later we have our TR cache cleared. And I finally sold all the rune arms I had kept {just in case} even though I’ve done all three artificer lives – so that helped 🙂

Hymm & Willowing, clearing out the cache

And so I say good-bye to what has been a really fun build and start my first attempt at a warlock. I know Rach is sad to say good-bye to her paladin lives too. At heart, her main Willowing is a rogue, but she did enjoy the changes to the paladins. I’m sure one of her other characters will end up being paladin – just as I plan for Fyrne to eventually have the bard/fighter/rogue build I’ve just left behind 😀

Have fun, see you around!

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