Creating your own Splash Screens in DDO (redux)

Many, many years ago Geoff Hanna wrote a blog post about how to create your own splash screens in DDO. Unfortunately, Geoff’s blog is no longer active and I recently wanted to do this again, so I’ve decided to recreate the instructions (again) in case they are helpful to anyone.

So – splash screens. You know the ones I mean – the images shown while you are loading into an area. And although Standing Stones has some good ones – we all like the screenshots we take in-game 😀

First of all, I’m always worried I will break something. So I start by taking a backup of the existing images used. These can be located in the folder where DDO is installed under “raw\en\logo”. If you’re not sure where it’s installed, you can right-click on your DDO launcher icon, click Properties and you will see a Target for the launcher. Take everything in that file path up to “\DNDLauncher.exe”

The properties window for the DDO Launcher

So, for my DDO installation, I find the current screenshot images under “D:\Dungeons & Dragons Online\raw\en\logo”. If you want to be paranoid like me – copy the current images out to another folder. Then, all you have to do is replace each image in the folder with your new screenshot, making sure it has the same file name and the same image dimension (1024×768).

When I’m done, my DDO folder looks like this:-

And when I run the game I see all my fabulous screenshots 😀

All kudos to Geoff for the original post!

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