Caught in the Web – Finally!!

I did suggest, via twitter, that I might do something different for my blog covering yesterdays events. However, I didn’t get it finished. In fact, I think it might take longer than I expected. So I’ll keep working on it & hopefully have it for you in a few weeks. Then again, it will probably end up on the pile of things I have to do, along with iPhone apps, 2 novels, floors I need to put down… 🙂

So instead – my normal format.

Yesterday was our now normal weekend routine. We ran around with our TR characters until mid afternoon when the Defense Guild members turned up. We didn’t actually get that much done with the TR’s, but it was possibly the easiest Crucible run we’ve done yet. I think I may have run round that maze way too many times 🙂 And Hymm has now taken level 16.
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Saturday Update

Firstly, apologies for the lack of a blog last week. But Samius did a fine job of covering for me 🙂

During the week I’ve been running my main TR, Hymm, on Sarlona. He’s taken 15 and will probably be taking 16 soon, so looking at getting the Gianthold flagging missions out of the way.

The twice weekly runs on Orien continue. Monday we ran VoN 1-4 which, regardless of a few hitches with traps, went very nicely. Thursday we reran Deleras Tomb. As my artificer had already run these I switched to my light monk, which made a nice change 🙂
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Weekly Catch Up

Well, it’s been another busy week in real life but I’ve managed to get some decent gaming time in – here goes 🙂

During the week I’ve been running my main TR, Hymm, on Sarlona and had a few nights running with Micki & Dom on Orien.

Because both my TR’s had hit level 13, but two of our guildies are not really playing at the moment, the other 3 of us decided to switch which TR’s we were concentrating on. Hymm is my main guy that I like the most 🙂 He’s now at level 14 and with 15 banked.

Thursday night I ran the Phiarlan Carnival chain which went really well. Though Micki has no idea how to find her way around A Small Problem 🙂 Friday we ran The Pit & Gwylans Stand. I got to run these with my level 8 light monk I’m experimenting with on Orien and yay! I didn’t die 🙂
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EEE (Epic Elite Eveningstar)

We had a bonus day of running with the Defense Guild team on Friday due to Thanksgiving, so we decided to finish up from last week and complete the U16 chain on eE. There were just two missions to finish the chain, Stay at the Inn & The End of the Road. Both went fairly well, my partner seems to be finding her rhythm now as a cleric for a full party (i.e. she has to keep Samius’ tank alive while we run around sorting ourselves out 🙂 j/k).

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Weekly Run Down

It’s been a busy week, both in DDO & real life. But since I’m fairly sure you don’t want to hear about the project I’m on at work that’s filling my spare hours, or how I’m ripping out my garden, I’ll stick with DDO 🙂

We got one guildie back, then lost two. One of the guys has had some changes at work, so he can’t play for a few weeks. One guy has a new girlfriend. So we’re down to our three main players at the moment.

Thursday night I played on Orien again. Was killed for the first time ever by lag. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had plenty of lag in game before. But this was a complete standstill, cannot do anything while a horde of orcs massacred the party 🙂
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Well, like everyone else, I’ve been hitting Mabar for the past two nights, using my dark monk (level 25). I know some of my guild mates are getting a bit bored of it already, but I like the mindless violence of it 🙂

Amyway, it seems the drops have been quite lacking (imho) so last night I jumped onto Orien with my level 8 light monk, 30 minutes later I had triple the items dropped than on my Sarlona dark monk, and a key.

Except I’ve realised this morning that I’ve completely screwed up the experiment.

  • I wasn’t in a party
  • I was on a different server
  • There didn’t seem to be a lot of people in the graveyard – probably because the dragon had just opened up when I logged on

So I have no idea if I’ll get a higher drop rate with a lower level character on Sarlona ‘sigh’. And now, because I have stuff on my Orien character, I feel I should at least try and get him a pair of handwraps.

So I’ve just made extra work for myself – nicely done!

Good job I like the mindless violence 🙂

See you around!

A Night of Firsts…

Most of last week was spent getting characters flagged for raids. We’ve been all organised. I put a spreadhseet together and everything…. 🙂

Anybody who read mine or Samius blog from the start of the week will know that my guild, Heros of the Dragons Wrath, has been teaming up with the Defense Guild. Due to the time difference the only real time we get to group up is weekends, their mornings coinciding with our mid-afternoons.

Saturday we had a quick run around. Samius had things to do so after a quick run of Madstone Crater, he left and 3 of us ran around with Tobril in Eveningstar. We blasted through the Druids Deep chain on eH, with only a slight hiccup with the quest Thorn and Paw when the last wall wouldn’t come down. Until my partner, Trapping (she likes rogues!) found a Red Musk zombie lurking in a bear pit and finished it off 🙂 No hag on the last mission, though, so no chance of Ivy Wraps, which was a shame.

By the time we finished the chain, Samius was back but we had to log off for the night.

Sunday, the DG guys (and gal) jumped on just as I was about to go sort food out. By the time I got back, they were running the DQ pre-raid, so my partner & myself jumped in for the end of that. Lailat goes down very nicely and we all pile back to Zawabi’s ready to go off and kick her butt again. Only to find that my partners cleric had already run the DQ raid and hadn’t reset the chain! But, the DG guys are happy to run the pre-raid again, another eN run in the hope for the odd seal or shard 🙂 Back to Zawabi’s again, into ADQ. I cannot remember if we did eN, or eH, but either way this was the first time we’ve run this raid on epic. In the past our guild have 4 manned it on normal, but this run was easy and smooth, with Samius tanking Lailat; Tobril, Torrance & Trapping DoT’ing; while I whack away with my fighter (when I’m not knocked on my arse).

eVoN is suggested next. One of our other guildies, jpedd, comes on with his sorc, I switch to Dimichaerii my dark monk, Trapping stays with her cleric. Now, we have actually done eVoN5 before, but it’s not one we run very often so we’re not that familiar with it. But, again, it was breezed through. Even short manning it we had plenty of people for pulling of levers & such. Also, I started using the US pronunciation of ‘lever’ – I’ll have to be careful with that 😀

And so we come to eVoN6. We’ve run this at heroic level, maybe twice before. Never at epic. Tobril gives us instructions and we’re off. It took us a bt of time to organise our Djinni killing, but we get there, take down the portals, regroup. Onto Velah. She looks awesome. I feel kind of guilty for hitting her 😦 But I want her loot, dammit 🙂 Down she goes. A few shards to the team and I get my first flawless Red Dragon Scale – nice.

We take a quick break, trying to decide what to do next. The brave people from Defense Guild agree to a ToD. Again, we’re shortmanning it and the three of us have never, ever, done a ToD before. (I know, it’s embarrassing that I’ve played this game for over 2 years and never had the nerve to join a group running this.) We get past the judge & the jailer, onto to the final fight, deciding not to try for the optional chest. Samius does a great job of tanking both Horoth & Suulomades while we beat down Horoth. Again, it goes really smooth 🙂 My partner gets a ring, I get some war trophies.

All in all, it was a great weekend. Fun runs, lots of XP, I really enjoyed myself. Thanks guys! Oh, and Turbine devs – I think you really need to make a mini Arraetrikos companion…

On a more serious note, Hurricane Sandy is due to hit the East Coast of the US today. Hope you guys keep yourselves safe! (Here’s hoping Turbine has those servers tied down…)

A quick round up for last week

This week in DDO….

The TR’ing continues. It’s been a bit slow as we TR’d last weekend because we were bored, but one of our guild was away doing family stuff so he missed our mad dash from levels 1 -5. So we created 3 halfling monks and a dwarf cleric and ran around with him this week catching him up.

This is my first halfling character. I’ve never really been interested in playing them before (apologies to Samius & geoffhanna) but wow – they are fast little buggers aren’t they?! I fully intend for this character to become a bank character, but I may consider a halfling monk in a future TR build….

This weekend, one of our other guild mates was off doing real life stuff so I broke out a character I haven’t played for a while, my khopesh wielding barbarian. Boy have I neglected him! He needs gear (I appear to be still wearing the goggles you pick up from Korthos island!) I got him up to level 18 just running IQ on normal with my partners artificer. It was a nice easy set of missions, perfect for a Sunday. And as they are both 1st lifers we don’t have the ‘urgency’ to run on elite with these characters.

One of the nice things about getting to 18 was he could now wear the Elocators Habiliment. The bad thing about getting to 18 is that he is now wearing the Elocators Habiliment! I mean – have you seen it?!? lol But the displacement clickie is nice, my AC goes up, and due to the lack of attention I have given him it’s the best he’s got. Now, do I think about running some Siber Atoll for Dragontouched armour, or wait until level 20 and get him the Druid set from Eveningstar with PDK helmet & gauntlets…?

Meanwhile, things got back on track with the TR train yesterday afternoon. We’re now all at level 6 with level 7 banked. Splinterskull is out of the way – and even though it was fairly quick to run with us all I’m really hoping we can avoid repeating it for XP needs. I’ve got another Visor of the Flesh Render – I don’t need to run it again just yet thanks 🙂

However, we did run the Sharn Syndicate quests – when did they change the sound effects?? If you don’t know what I mean, I suggest you go kill a female halfling in there (Binders is a good mission for them). They sound…er…well… a bit rude we think! Are they channeling succubi? 🙂

And just for the record, the current TR group is (and their previous lives):-

  • Hymm – half-orc barbarian (human monk/human monk)
  • Cedarian – human paladin (half-orc barbarian/human fighter)
  • Antaka – half-elf ronk/mogue whatever 🙂 (half-elf monk/halfling monk)
  • Korvisa – elf artificer (elf ranger/elf ranger)
  • Ventenar – elf favoured soul (half-elf favoured soul)

Um.. I might have got some of that list wrong 🙂 I’m sure my guildies will let me know if I have!

Dreaming Dark Dreams

This weekend, the guild decided to hit the Inspired Quarter with our capped characters to try and do some grinding for loot and ioun stones.

It was good to be back playing my monk. I haven’t played him for a while and I really enjoyed beating the !$&@ out of the Devourer of Dreams 🙂

It appears we weren’t the only ones to spend the weekend doing this. I don’t think I’ve ever seen quite so many people in the Inspired Quarter or on the Isle of Forgotten Dreams. So, hope you all got the loot you were after if you were out there too!

On a quick TR update, we’ve finished Gianthold Tor, elite streak now at 176 and starting the Orchard of the Macabre this week 🙂