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So, yes, we spent the majority of the weekend in Gianthold. I’ve now got my three main characters flagged (Dimachaerii, Hymm & Grypp). I’m not going to bore you all with too much details, but I have some screenshots I thought I’d share.

Saturday night was myself, 3 guildies & Tobril from the Defense Guild, as Samius & Torrance had family stuff to do. So we decided to try the raid. Just the 5 of us. It wasn’t completed as quickly as Keava’s raid that he has blogged about, and we only ran on epic normal. The idea was to go in, find out what it was about, work out tactics. None of us had read up on the raid, watched the videos etc so it was all new to us. Which, to be honest, is how I wanted it. I like working out what works, what doesn’t…

It turns out that 3 monks, 1 rogue & 1 sorceror work out quite well πŸ˜› And yes, there was no healer. All healing was done through pots, epic destiniy abilities and scrolls. I’m not sure we actually intended to finish, but 46 minutes later…

And a Stormreaver’s Tablecloth dropped which was passed to our sorceror (nice job Jaisa!). We all picked up commendations which was a nice surprise – I expected it to be as bad as CitW for those dropping. Oh – and the raid is a lot of fun!

So, some random shots from the raid:

We also ran eE Gianthold Tor Sunday night. That was myself, 2 guildies and Samius, Torrance & Faeylinn from the Defense Guild. That first fight caused a few issues, some deaths and a rethink of tactics. Once we were sorted, we came out, rebuffed & restarted. A much smoother run the second time in. We just had time to try one of the dragons so ran the black. Wow, those guys hit hard on eE! My fighter got wing buffeted on to a ledge above the door, though, and he has an artificer level. So I stayed put and ranged the buggers πŸ˜›

So, regarding the stuff above. I would like to point out that I do not consider myself a power gamer, or a min/max player. I’m not trying to boast, or show off. I enjoy DDO for the stories and the challenges. I’ve purposefully avoided details on the new raid for that reason – I wanted to see what we could figure out for ourselves. What I would say is that playing together, as a team, is what makes DDO a lot of fun for me. Running eE’s is something we rarely did before teaming up with the Defense Guild, mainly because we would not be able to put together a full party from our guild alone. But a good team, tactics, that’s everything. And trust in the people you run with πŸ™‚ And I’m fairly sure I’ve not said that right, so I hope you understand what I’m trying to get across πŸ™‚

Other than that, it’s been general flagging & loot runs in Gianthold. Mostly on eH, bu we also ran Cabal for One on eE several times, Prison of the Planes on eE once (oh my god that was painful…). Some loot has dropped, several +4 or +3 to +4 upgrade tomes, so that was kind of cool πŸ˜€

OK, enough about what we’ve done. Fun stuff πŸ˜›

While running the Tor with Legend (who we roped in for several runs this weekend – loads of fun!) we all lost connections. All of us, all 5… must have been a weird instance πŸ™‚ But when we reconnected, Jaisa was well, supposedly he was dead πŸ™‚

During an eH Cabal for One run, Albus decided to climb a ladder that wasn’t there…

And my favourite picture ever πŸ˜›

Have fun, see you around!

5 thoughts on “More Gianthold

  1. πŸ™‚ Love the last pic, lol. (honest)

    46 min first time running the raid? I ran it with a full party on Norm on my sorc, and I was really bored after 5 min, lol! Was more fun running on Thaz the second time. I can see that this is a nice farming raid, but a whole raid with just taking out mobs nothing else? No puzzles? Hmm… (thinking about how Spyro got ruined with the revamp – went from a never completely fished game to played through in 8h)

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