What would you be?

I’ve started reading Critical Failures (Caverns and Creatures) by Robert Bevan. It’s about a group of people who play a game which, basically, is Dungeons & Dragons (they call the game C&C in the book… I see what he did there). They have advertised for someone to GM for them so they can all play characters, rather than taking turns in GM’ing themselves. Unfortunately they annoy the GM and he decides to get his own back on them – he sends them into the game. They turn into their various characters (halfling rogue, half orc barbarian etc). I haven’t finished the book, but I imagine it will entail them trying to get back to the real world.

Critical Failures (Caverns and Creatures) by Robert Bevan

The book, so far, is well written and fun to read. But that isn’t what this blog is about 😀

I was telling Rach about it and after musing about what her character would be based on her ‘real life stats’ decided she’d be a fighter type. Decent strength, constitution and dexterity, not so good on the intelligence, wisdom & charisma (those are her words – not mine!!)

That got me to thinking about what I’d be. Constitution & strength are OK, dexterity.. well I can be clumsy, but intelligence is pretty good, and I think charisma too. I like to tinker with things, build things and I could see myself as an artificer quite easily 🙂 This isn’t what I’d want to be – but what I’d be based on me as a person.

What would you be?

From Twitter to Podcasts to Audiobooks

It’s strange, sometimes, how we get from one place to another. And I don’t mean a physical journey.

I joined Twitter back in 2009. Mainly as a resource for development, finding other developers & getting information on the latest technologies. Then I started playing DDO in 2010 and started following people who also played DDO. My twitter stream exploded 😀 But, apart from people, I also started following the #DDO hashtag, looking out for information & using it as a way to connect with other players. That resulted in my finding tweets from @Samius & @Lessah who, at the time, were doing regular DDO Cocktail Hour podcasts.
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Book Review: Percy Jackson & the Lightning Thief

A few weeks ago Tobril mentioned he was reading one of the Percy Jackson books. I’d heard of them, mainly from when the first film came out, but never actually read any of the books. With his recommendation I decided to pick up the first of the set for my Kindle and give it a go. I’m going to try not to spoil the story for anybody who hasn’t read it but just in case – skip to the end for a general review 🙂

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From human monk to half-orc badass – I mean barbarian

*Hymm was wandering around House Jorasco enclave, minding his own business, when he tripped over a rather large stone. This struck him as strange. His training as a Shintao monk had made him graceful on his feet. It was unlike him to trip over anything.

Curious, he stooped to look at the object that had caused this uncharacteristic event and was surprised to see that the stone had a large label on it, reading “property of Kruz”.

Hymm picked the stone up, thoughtfully weighing it in his hand. He was acquainted with Kruz. Thanks to him he had taken his training as a monk one step further and become more powerful. Was this a sign….?

Deciding to find out, he changed route and loped across to where the mystic orc was to be found. “Kruz”, Hymm called as he approached “I think this is yours!”. He tossed the stone to the orc who deftly snatched it from the air.

“Ah, my friend, you found it” Kruz grinned. “It is time for the next stage in your journey”.

“So soon?” asked Hymm, “I thought I would have more time to prepare…”

Kruz shook his head “No my friend, I am sorry. The stars are aligned, your comrades are ready, it must be now”. Hymm sighed “So be it”.

Kruz closed his eyes and muttered an incantation under his breath. A slight smile played around his lips. “Why are you smiling?” asked Hymm suspiciously. “You’ll see” replied Kruz.

An intense burst of pain coursed through Hymm’s body. Although he had been through this before, it seemed stronger this time. He gasped slightly as the searing heat spread through his body, burning his form to ash to feed Kruz’s tree, then creating him anew.

Becoming aware of himself again, Hymm looked at himself. His arms were larger than before, well muscled, and he felt larger, both in body mass and height. Licking his lips he realised he had tusks and after a few seconds it clicked. “Half orc?” he asked. Kruz clapped a hand on his shoulder, stretching slightly to reach. “Yes my friend. This body will suit you well. You are to learn the ways of the barbarian. You will smash & hew your way to glory. You’re comrades await you – go!”

With a flash of light, Hymm found himself aboard his guildship. He friends stood before him. Grinning, Hymm knew the adventures were about to start afresh.

* I decided to do this in the style of krissonofpark. I hope I did him justice 🙂

** And if you hadn’t guessed, yes I have TR’d my main guy. In a way I’m kind of sad because I really like my light monk. But I have my dark monk to feed my need to punch bad guys and I know that overall, this will make Hymm stronger 🙂