Kicking Off 2023

Hey everyone! Hope you all had a good Christmas/New Year/time off work – depending on how you look at the holiday season 😀

My New Year’s resolution (for what it’s worth) is to try and blog more, both here and over on my tech site. I did a terrible job with blogging last year – and what is the point of paying for these sites if I don’t use them? So, fingers crossed I can do better this year.

2022 was busy in terms of “real-life stuff” which meant that we only had a chance to play DDO a few days a week. Gone are the days when we played just about every day, and all weekend. However, some reasonable progress has been made. Hymm is trying to finish off the Iconic and Racial reincarnations he has left to get. Rach is doing the same with her main character, Willowing, although she is a few lives behind Hymm.

We have just finished off our latest Racial lives, Hymm was a Gnome Alchemist and Willowing a Dragonborn Sorceror. Do you know what happens when a Sorceror and Alchemist walk into a dungeon?

Everything dies 😀

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Creating your own Splash Screens in DDO (redux)

Many, many years ago Geoff Hanna wrote a blog post about how to create your own splash screens in DDO. Unfortunately, Geoff’s blog is no longer active and I recently wanted to do this again, so I’ve decided to recreate the instructions (again) in case they are helpful to anyone.

So – splash screens. You know the ones I mean – the images shown while you are loading into an area. And although Standing Stones has some good ones – we all like the screenshots we take in-game 😀

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DDO Puzzle App v2.0.7

Hey all. Apologies for the looong time between blog posts and app updates. Turns out the whole world being in lockdown had no effect in terms of free time for me – and the free time I have had has been used to play DDO 😀

Anyway, I finally have the next version of the DDO Puzzle App deployed to the Google Play Store. This includes a Pentacle light puzzle and the Smash & Burn Dice Puzzle solver, written by FuryFlash.

The Pentacle light puzzle is just a replication of the DDO Wiki image that tells you what to press. I really wanted to do something a bit more interactive but that’s going to have to wait.

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It’s a Hard(core) Life

Well wouldn’t you just know it – I get a spare hour to log on to DDO and do some crafting and the servers are down for Update 49… but yay new quests! And you get a blog 😛

So, obviously from the title, I’ve been playing some Hardcore Season 4. It’s actually the first time I’ve been back to it since Season 1 – and I honestly did not do particularly well. I think I got a character to level 10. But, when this season started my brother in law, Jayuus, asked if we fancied trying it, and then we roped Bonnie Bew into it and suddenly we have a semi static party on a weekend.

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DO Puzzle App v2

New and Improved DDO Puzzle App

Finally! It’s done! The new version of the DDO Puzzle App is now available for Android. Er… *cough* it’s actually been out for about a month but I forgot to post the blog…

There is not a great deal of new content in terms of quest puzzles, but I have expanded the ‘Prove your Worth’ to include the answers to the questions on the Heroic version of the quest and added the Sir Raleigh questions & answers for the Prison of the Planes room. I also added the Memory Lapse book order to a release going out for testing today, so that should be available in the next few days.

There is new functionality though.

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Triple Completionist

When I first started playing DDO, back in 2010, my main character was Fyrne. And I had plans to get him to Completionist, then triple completionist. Then I created an alt, who I named Hymm. He was my first monk character. And I loved him. The monk was so much fun, I started playing more lives as Hymm. And at some point in 2013 (judging by this blog) I had decided that he would be my triple completionist.

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Hardcore Server

To be honest, I hadn’t really taken much notice of the announcements for the Hardcore Server in DDO. I had seen Lessah tweet about it and mentioned in the Twitch stream descriptions (Sorry Damsels – I haven’t had a chance to watch any streams recently!) but that was about it.

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