Hardcore Server

To be honest, I hadn’t really taken much notice of the announcements for the Hardcore Server in DDO. I had seen Lessah tweet about it and mentioned in the Twitch stream descriptions (Sorry Damsels – I haven’t had a chance to watch any streams recently!) but that was about it.

Then we logged on the night the server was due to open, and Samius mentioned it. Rach suggested it might be fun to give it a try, so we switched from our TR grind on Sarlona to give it a try.

We’re now hooked!

It's great seeing so many people playing

It’s so weird how different the gameplay feels, knowing that if you die that’s it – you lose your character and everything they have accumulated. We quickly started banking on a regular basis. We have taken to deconstructing anything we don’t need in the Cannith Crafting stations (good plat and the ability to make something we might need).

High point for the artificer

I don’t think I can explain the excitement and stress we have had playing this way, too. Running to the first quest in the Korthos Island explorer area, normally we’d jump off the cliff to get to it. But we have no feather fall item at this point. And we don’t dare risk sliding down the cliff face – so we run around down the slope! When was the last time you did that? ( Unless you are a regular permadeath player and are laughing at me 😀 )

Don't forget feather fall!

Seeing all the death announcements shows I’m not the only one loving this. But I did lament on Twitter how it would be great to see how these players died… And Mari came up with a great suggestion!

So, if you fancy sharing where you died, or just checking out where other people have admitted to dying, check out the forum thread I started.

What have I learned so far?

  • The daily dice rolls are great for platinum – and how strange it is to be needing plat for a character again. Although Rach did roll 98 on her silver and got a siberys cake… 🤨
  • Bank regularly!
  • Cannith Crafting is great for getting platinum quickly.
  • You don’t need to do all the optional parts of the quest – you are a 1st lifer so XP is no problem, you need to get the quest finished for the Favor.
  • But collectibles are worth picking up for turn-ins…
  • Rach is so much better when she plays a halfling rogue, regardless of which life she is on.
  • Champions hit a lot harder when you have no twink gear and past lives.
  • So do traps…
Life one - Hymm, artificer
Life two - Hymmtwo, paladin

Hymmtwo, RIP, lost his life this morning. That leaves Rach with 2 characters and me trying to decide what to do now. I have some thinking to do 😀

If you are a long time player of DDO and haven’t given the hardcore server a try ( and are VIP – sorry it seems it’s not available for other players 😦 ) I’d highly recommend giving it a try. I mean what’s the worst that can happen? 😛

Have fun, see you around!

5 thoughts on “Hardcore Server

  1. 1, samius of twitch.tv/samiusgurobo fame.
    2, it is great to have something to scratch that competitive itch in ddo.
    3, I have a druid/wiz build that is doing lots of things you might like. All the pets, heals and big defenses but is currently lacking dps. But the Arty is where it is at. Let me know if you need something.

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  3. As I mentioned in your thread, Rez Cakes can apparently bring you back from being incapacitated, so while “death is death”, “incap is NOT death”. Thus, Rez Cakes not completely worthless on Hardcore server. And while I realize optionals are just that – “optional” – I still have a hard time not doing them. I should really learn to ignore that part of my playing while on Hardcore. Maybe even just run “normal”…at least on some quests.

    Four deaths so far. I think the one that “hurts” the most was my L5 Rogue/Ranger in “Butcher’s Path”: Optional Trog shaman at end – my fingers slipped off the keys, character sheet and xp report windows pop-up, mis-keyed calling hire, Trog spamming “Hold Person” and following up with lightning bolt, Trog close to death, me ‘panicking’ and trying to dive under water to escape, accidentally calling hire to me (instead of letting them try and attack Trog), and then being held in the water. Didn’t drown, but couldn’t move and follow-up lightning *ding* (“Light-DING”?). I think that one hurt even more than slipping down the cliff side in Korthos at L2 and being incap with -1HP unable to do anything except watch stabilization rolls fail one after the other.

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