It’s a Hard(core) Life

Well wouldn’t you just know it – I get a spare hour to log on to DDO and do some crafting and the servers are down for Update 49… but yay new quests! And you get a blog 😛

So, obviously from the title, I’ve been playing some Hardcore Season 4. It’s actually the first time I’ve been back to it since Season 1 – and I honestly did not do particularly well. I think I got a character to level 10. But, when this season started my brother in law, Jayuus, asked if we fancied trying it, and then we roped Bonnie Bew into it and suddenly we have a semi static party on a weekend.

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Hardcore Server

To be honest, I hadn’t really taken much notice of the announcements for the Hardcore Server in DDO. I had seen Lessah tweet about it and mentioned in the Twitch stream descriptions (Sorry Damsels – I haven’t had a chance to watch any streams recently!) but that was about it.

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