Well, hello there…

It’s been a while hasn’t it? 8 months in fact. Wow, where does the time go…?

I’m still here. I have a DDO blog post to put out soon but I thought I’d do a little catch up, since it’s been such a long time.

I’m in the process of moving all my images for the blog that were previously hosted on Photobucket over to the WordPress site, since I don’t really feel like paying for the hosting on there when I already pay for this site. So if for some weird reason you go back to older posts and see missing images – sorry. They will hopefully be all back in place soon. I’m also fairly sure DDO Central will be happy that the images will format better for their reblogged posts 😀

My main, Hymm, was about to do his last TR for triple completionist when U45 Age of the Alchemist came out. That was slightly frustrating – but he’s now on his second alchemist life, currently at level 17 with 18 banked. Rach is still playing DDO with me, her main Willowing is also getting through the lives needed for triple completionist as well as saving my butt.

I have a new version of the DDO Puzzle App due out. This is a complete re-write, changing it from Apache Cordova to Xamarin Forms. The downside is the current app will no longer be supported and there are a few features I haven’t duplicated in the new version (the interactive Enter the Kobold being the main change I can think of). The upside is I use Xamarin Forms a lot, I’m more familiar with it and I can hopefully get updates done easily and quicker (I am very aware . I’m also intending to (finally) release it on iOS.

Rach and I have also joined a D&D group DM’d by BonnieBew, the sessions of which she posts up on YouTube. I’ve never played D&D in a regular group, we tried it a years ago with our old DDO guildies but it only lasted a few sessions. So if you fancy watching my monk get beaten up, Rach’s rogue killing as much as possible (or just randomly blowing up a smugglers ship) with Tholgrin‘s warlock playing with his tentacle and Dute‘s cleric giggling as she clanks around, why not have a look at the videos on YouTube?

I’ll try not to leave it so long with the next blog post 😀 (I honestly do have one planned!)

Look after yourselves!

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