The Lost Gatekeepers

U46: The Lost Gatekeepers was released for DDO on Thursday 23rd April 2020. This is a pack of 5 quests, playable level 3 & 32.

We had to give the new quests a try, obviously! Because our mains were at level 17, we dusted off some alts sitting at level 30.

My monk/ranger/paladin Dimachaerii hasn’t been played in a loooong time. And wow, does he need some work! Fortunately we were only running the new quests at LH so he managed OK.

We have a new area accessed from the Harbor where the quest givers live, along with a few other Gatekeepers we’ve already interacted with. The Temple of Elemental Evil, White Plume Mountain and a few others have relocated from the Hall of Heroes. It’s a nice little area 🙂

Rosemary’s Ballad quest

The quests are accessed via the Cerulean Hills, which I have always thought was a very pretty area. It’s had a bit of a revamp, but still looking good. And it’s nice to see this area get a bit more love.

I don’t really want to spoil the quests for anyone who hasn’t run them yet. But I will say that we enjoyed them. The capstone quest, Housekeeping, is particularly good. There are a few niggles that seem to have slipped through into the live release, but nothing that detracts from the quests.

Who knows what this optional is…?

I’ll leave you will a few screenshots taken during the various quests.

The Sacred Bounty
Rosemary’s Ballad – this quest is a bit dark (figuratively)

Have fun, see you around 🙂

3 thoughts on “The Lost Gatekeepers

  1. I’m trying to click the “Like” button but WordPress seems to be having issues right now. Grrr!

    We ran the chain on our lowbies Friday for guild night. LOVE the entrance to Housekeeping! Also really enjoyed the storylines and some of the cool visuals. I thought the dialogue was very well-done, too. We had a few deaths on elite, can’t remember if any of them were Laegonn’s or not. LOL

    Definitely looking forward to taking more characters in there.

    Also, awesome screenshots! 🙂

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