Alchemical Romance

No, this blog is not about these guys

I’m now on my last Alchemist life, just 3 levels to go before an Iconic TR and triple completionist!

I wasn’t sure about the class when I read about it, it didn’t really appeal to me. And I’ll be honest, the first life I took didn’t impress me either. Although

  • All my Alchemist lives have been multi-class builds
  • I’ve never claimed to be a great character builder

So, I can’t even remember my first life. It might have been 11 Alchemist/9 Monk stick build. But I’m not positive. That’s how much I didn’t enjoy it – I can’t remember what it was.

Second life was 11 Alchemist/9 Artificer. That life worked out quite well. The Alchemist buffs were pretty handy.

For my current life, I’m using a build I found on the DDO Forums – a Vistani knife throwing build that I am really enjoying. It also fits in very nicely with my wanting to get my last Aasimar Scourge life too. To be fair, it’s the knife-throwing from the Vistani tree that I’m enjoying, again the Alchemist just has some handy buffs. I’m already thinking about a halfling Rogue knife thrower for my next life.

Rach is running a cleric/ranger build I tried several years ago, as she wanted to try something different to a pure cleric. So the two of us are running around plinking (is that a word?) at things from afar.

It’s alot of fun 😀

And this weekend we got to run with one of our guildies who is running a Shadar Kai rogue, also a ranged attacker. No waiting around for traps with this group 😛

So, hopefully by the end of week, we’ll be capped and I’ll finally hit that triple!

Just all the Racial Reincarnations to do, after that..

Have fun – and stay safe peeps! Until next time…

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