DDO Characters


Current Class: 1 wizard / 5 artificer / 14 sorcerer / 1 epic
Previous Lives: Monk (x2) – Barbarian (x3) – Fighter (x3) – Ranger (x3) – Rogue (x3) – Favoured Soul (x2) – Druid (x3) – Cleric (x2) – Bard (x3) – Paladin (x2) – Sorcerer (x2) – Artificer (x3) – Wizard (x3) – Warlock (x3)
Epic Destinies: maxed out
Epic TR’s: 3 x Primal, 3 x Martial, 3 x Divine, 3 x Arcane
Iconic TR’s: 3 x Shadar Kai, 3 x BladeForged, 3 x Purple Dragon Knight, 3 x Morninglord, 3 x Deep Gnome
Racial Reincarnations:2 x Dragonborn

Hymm started out as a monk and will eventually go back to being a monk. He is a completionist and I hope to go on to try and obtain triple completionist.


Current Class: 1 artificer / 1 barbarian / 18 fighter / 8 epic
Previous Lives: none
Epic Destinies: maxed out
Epic TR’s: 1 x Primal
Iconic TR’s: none

Grypp has rapidly become one of my favourite characters. He’s a 1st lifer who started out as a dual wielding khopesh fighter. It was not an effective build 😦 After my guild started playing with the DG guys, I realised how effective a tank build could be. Especially in epic elites. So, after discussions with everyone about build ideas, he got LR’d into his current build. And it’s working out extremely well.


Current Class: 2 paladin / 6 ranger / 8 monk / 9 epic (Bladeforged)
Previous Lives: Monk (x2)
Epic Destinies: maxed out
Epic TR’s: 1 x Martial
Iconic TR’s: none

Another 1st lifer and another victim of an LR rebuild 😀 Dim started out as a clonk. I didn’t like the way the build was going, so I converted him to a full monk, going on the dark path and building in the whirlwind attack. He’s a lot of fun to play.He’s now been TR’d and has started on his third life…


Current Class: 20 warlock / 10 epic
Previous Lives: Artificer – Sorcerer
Epic Destinies:
Epic TR’s: 1 x arcane
Iconic TR’s: 1 x bladeforged

After my main character Hymm ran his artificer lives, I realised just how bad my first life artificer was in comparison. So I decided to create a caster instead. Since I loved my Warlock build so much he TR’d into a Warlock after completing his Sorcerer life..


Current Class: 20 cleric / 6 epic
Previous Lives: none
Epic Destinies:
Epic TR’s: none
Iconic TR’s: none

My first life cleric and something I’m still surprised I have as I’m not a very good cleric imho. However, he doesn’t do too bad and I’m hoping to epic TR him a few times to make him a bit stronger. He is probably my least played character though so he could be waiting a while…

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