New and Improved DDO Puzzle App

Finally! It’s done! The new version of the DDO Puzzle App is now available for Android. Er… *cough* it’s actually been out for about a month but I forgot to post the blog…

There is not a great deal of new content in terms of quest puzzles, but I have expanded the ‘Prove your Worth’ to include the answers to the questions on the Heroic version of the quest and added the Sir Raleigh questions & answers for the Prison of the Planes room. I also added the Memory Lapse book order to a release going out for testing today, so that should be available in the next few days.

There is new functionality though.

The app now supports light and dark mode. This can be accessed via the Settings icon on the Menu screen.

There is also better support for portrait and landscape mode.

Version 1 of the app is currently still available in the store. You can install v2 alongside and see which version you prefer – but v1 will not have any future updates to it. I should mention that if you really like the interactive ‘Enter the Kobold’ map on version 1, you should keep that version as I have not implemented it on version 2. If a whole buttload of you ask for it though, I’ll start work on it 😀

For Windows users, I haven’t forgotten you! I hope to get this new version out to you in the next few weeks.

I also intended to have this released on iOS but unfortunately Apple do not like me using images taken from DDO so I’m going to have to revisit the tiles etc to get that sorted out. iOS users may just get buttons with the puzzle names on 😛

Please get in touch if you find any issues with the app, or if you have suggestions for new entries to be added.

4 thoughts on “New and Improved DDO Puzzle App

    • No, I wanted to leave the old one there because I haven’t replicated the Enter the Kobold interaction. Plus – completely different tech stack. It’s still free though 🙂

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