Kicking Off 2023

Hey everyone! Hope you all had a good Christmas/New Year/time off work – depending on how you look at the holiday season 😀

My New Year’s resolution (for what it’s worth) is to try and blog more, both here and over on my tech site. I did a terrible job with blogging last year – and what is the point of paying for these sites if I don’t use them? So, fingers crossed I can do better this year.

2022 was busy in terms of “real-life stuff” which meant that we only had a chance to play DDO a few days a week. Gone are the days when we played just about every day, and all weekend. However, some reasonable progress has been made. Hymm is trying to finish off the Iconic and Racial reincarnations he has left to get. Rach is doing the same with her main character, Willowing, although she is a few lives behind Hymm.

We have just finished off our latest Racial lives, Hymm was a Gnome Alchemist and Willowing a Dragonborn Sorceror. Do you know what happens when a Sorceror and Alchemist walk into a dungeon?

Everything dies 😀

2022 saw the introduction of the Isle of Dread quests and I have to say they are currently our favorite quest pack. Who doesn’t love dinosaurs??!

A few more pictures that I have found from my copious quantities of screenshots that I really like 🙂

Rainbow over Stormreach Harbour
The view from the top of Castle Ravenloft

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