Within Temptation Live at the CarrΓ©

This week we spent a few nights in Amsterdam, the main reason being to see Within Temptation play live at the Koninklijk Theater CarrΓ© as part of their theatre tour.

I’ve been a fan of the band for a long time. I’ve seen them live in the UK, but their ‘home’ shows (they are a Dutch band) always seem to be just that bit more special.

If you have come across this blog because you are going to see one of the shows as part of this tour I’m going to do you a favour and tell you to leave, now. You don’t want to read this – it will spoil the show for you. Seriously – go away, enjoy the show and come back after πŸ™‚
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San Francisco 2014 Pictures

OK here’s the last of my holiday blurb. I’ll stop boring you all with it after this πŸ˜› Also, be warned, there are a lot of pictures on this page. If you have a slow connection (or are using IE) I’d recommend going and putting the kettle on, go make yourself a nice cuppa then bring it back with you πŸ™‚

The apartment

I don’t think I really mentioned where we were staying. A friend from work recommended trying to get apartments through a few web sites she has used in the past, renting accommodation directly from the owners. We did this last year when we went to New York and, although that apartment was a good size and great for transport, the apartment itself wasn’t great.

So we booked an apartment I had seen for San Francisco that looked great and had great reviews, but decided if this one turned out like the New York apartment, we’d be going back to hotels.

But it was nothing like the place in New York. The apartment is located in the Marina district, so it’s the northern area of San Francisco and quite close to the Golden Gate bridge. In fact, we could see that from our window πŸ™‚
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GenCon 2014 Pictures

Unfortunately I didn’t take a lot of pictures at GenCon. For some reason I decided not to get the camera out, used my phone instead and even then I didn’t take very many. So Torrance has kindly let me raid her pictures πŸ˜€

There are also a few that I posted on twitter, so if you follow me you’ve probably already seen them
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From Twitter to Podcasts to Audiobooks

It’s strange, sometimes, how we get from one place to another. And I don’t mean a physical journey.

I joined Twitter back in 2009. Mainly as a resource for development, finding other developers & getting information on the latest technologies. Then I started playing DDO in 2010 and started following people who also played DDO. My twitter stream exploded πŸ˜€ But, apart from people, I also started following the #DDO hashtag, looking out for information & using it as a way to connect with other players. That resulted in my finding tweets from @Samius & @Lessah who, at the time, were doing regular DDO Cocktail Hour podcasts.
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New York, New York

If you’re looking for a blog about DDO you need to move right along – not happening this week πŸ™‚ For a change this is a more personal blog.

If you follow me on Twitter then you will already know this. Last week my partner, Rach, & I went to New York for 5 days. It’s the first time I’ve been to New York (well, I passed through JFK on my way to San Francisco once but I don’t think that counts!) and her first time in America. This is my way of recounting the experiences, sharing some pictures and possibly providing a bit of a newb guide πŸ˜€


The holiday actually started with a ‘local’ event i.e. in the UK. A few months ago I bought tickets for the Alter Bridge gig in Manchester. If you don’t know who Alter Bridge are, you should be ashamed of yourself and go click on that click I just provided. Or this one. Go on, I’ll wait πŸ™‚
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