GenCon 2014 Pictures

Unfortunately I didn’t take a lot of pictures at GenCon. For some reason I decided not to get the camera out, used my phone instead and even then I didn’t take very many. So Torrance has kindly let me raid her pictures 😀

There are also a few that I posted on twitter, so if you follow me you’ve probably already seen them

Teddybear Chainmail

I loved this. But 2 hours wasn’t enough to get it fully finished. However I have ordered some of the pliers needed to work with the chainmail and I intend to finish the bears armour, and maybe make a surcoat too. If I do, there will be a blog & more pictures.

The first length of mail I did

From left to right: Torrance’s bear (you can tell she’s done this before) with the chainmail bikini, Rachel’s bear with the chainmail thong, my bear with what I eventually hope to be a hauberk

Leather Journal

I loved this class too! Well, I like craft-y things 🙂

Starting equipment: piece of leather, needle, tack, board to push tack into, pencil, bullclip, paper

Getting ready to attach the paper with waxed thread

Paper sewn onto the leather

The finished book. I managed to make a ‘closer’ by cutting the excess leather away to leave a strap that threads through the slots


There were some amazing costumes! Here are a few..

Gandalf the Grey

Big Daddy, Little Sister & a slicer from Bioshock



Lego Batman

Link from Zelda and the Master Sword

She said it took 70 hours to create that chainmail! (or is it scalemail..? I forget)


Obviously there’s quite a bit of gaming going on. Again – sorry – but I didn’t take enough pictures.

Giant “Settlers of Catan” board. I so want one of these!

A “Princess Bride” card deck from Albino Dragon

The Drizzt statue outside the D&D section

We’ll be back, Indianapolis, in 2016!

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