GenCon 2014 Pictures

Unfortunately I didn’t take a lot of pictures at GenCon. For some reason I decided not to get the camera out, used my phone instead and even then I didn’t take very many. So Torrance has kindly let me raid her pictures 😀

There are also a few that I posted on twitter, so if you follow me you’ve probably already seen them
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GenCon & San Francisco: Day 3 – Leather, Laughs & Burlesque

We didn’t have to start quite so early on Saturday so we had a few extra hours sleep and walked across to the Convention Centre. We had a class at 9am with Tobril, John & Ben on building a soft leather journal,. This entailed choosing our piece of leather to use, marking where the paper should be attached and sewing it onto the leather. I even managed to cut the leather to make a strap that allowed me to close it by threading it through some slots rather than having to wait until I got home and could fasten a snapper or button to it.

I also have to say that the guys surprised me with their sewing skills – so much tidier than mine! 😛

We spent a few hours looking around the booths before heading off for lunch. From there we decided to go get a random board game as we all had a few hours spare. Tobril chose the worst board game ever (yes you did, don’t be blaming it on Ben!) called “The Worst Case Scenario” (or something like that) where you were asked a question about how to cope with various events i.e. bitten by a snake, trapped in an avalanche etc. Unfortunately the game was a bit old and some of the answers offered on the multiple choice were bizarre! Also, Tobril skipped reading the rules & just made it up as we went along 😀
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GenCon & San Francisco: Day 2 – Dungeons & Teddy Bears

Day 2 was an early start with Teddy Bear Chainmailing at 8am. We met up with Torrance and stopped off to grab some breakfast before trying to find where the class was. Which, after we had walked over to the Convention Centre, we realised was taking place in a hotel back near where we were staying :-/ Well the walk gave me time to eat my muffin 🙂

The class was fun. We were given a teddy, a bag of chain links and 2 pairs of pliers (unfortunately we couldn’t keep those) and instructed to start by getting a pile of open links (twist slightly with the pliers) and closed links. From there we were shown how to start putting these together, basically building a strip to go around the chest of the bear. Once I had the pattern down it was fairly easy. Then I had to create two smaller strips which were added above my original section, front and back, and connected over the shoulder. My bear looked like he had a chainmail halter top 😀

Rach decided to go for a bondage/thing look and Torrance had the best looking bear IMHO with a chainmail bikini!!
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GenCon & San Francisco: Day 1 – Travelling

Day 1 was spent mainly travelling. We were up at 5am, leaving the house just after 6am for Manchester airport. The SatNav battery ran out while still on the motorway resulting in several minutes of swearing about the loss of the charger while moving house last week. But we found the car park we’d booked into and checked in without any trouble.

The flight was on time and before we knew it we were off! It was a long flight, 8 hours and by the end of it I was too warm, had a bit of a headache & feeling kind of crappy. Which did not make the next stage of the flight any better 😦  We landed in Atlanta, Georgia for our connecting flight and the queues to get through customs were terrible. They have an automated passport check in for people who have been to the USA before. “Great” we thought ” less queueing”. Nope. Part of the process is to scan your fingerprints. Rachel broke her finger as a child & has limited movement to it, so that finger wouldn’t scan. So she had to go in a different queue to have her passport checked. It took about 2 hours too get through as they had a large line of people and only 2 officers processing them 😦
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