Mining & Crafting

A few months ago I went to visit my sister and her family. My 9 year old niece was curled up on the couch with her tablet, headphones plugged in, intently watching something on the screen. When I asked my sister what she was watching she replied “Minecraft videos. She’s watching people play it, has been for days”.
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GenCon 2014 Pictures

Unfortunately I didn’t take a lot of pictures at GenCon. For some reason I decided not to get the camera out, used my phone instead and even then I didn’t take very many. So Torrance has kindly let me raid her pictures 😀

There are also a few that I posted on twitter, so if you follow me you’ve probably already seen them
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DDO Catchup & Trying Elder Scrolls Online


It’s been a slow few weeks with DDO. You remember how I said it took 3 weeks for Hymm to level from an iconic 15 to 28 last life? Well, not this life! I’ve been running a druid/monk/fighter PDK and I’m almost at level 20. For some reason I have not enjoyed this life. I’m still having a hard time working out why. The damage is good, I have some healing ability, but I just don’t seem to be enjoying it. Well, maybe I’m a bit bored of running the iconics, as I am now on my third iteration. Running those same quests can get a bit monotonous eventually 😀 I am thinking of taking a break from the iconic lives on my next TR and iTR’ing back to level 1. Maybe that will break it up a bit.

Druid, artificer & a small army of minions…

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Getting into Iconics

On Thursday evening I got Dimachaerii to level 20. I won’t go into the nitty gritty XP details like I did on a previous blog with Hymm as he’s a second lifer. But I will say that it did not really seem any easier with the new XP curve. Maybe I’ll see it more when I next TR a 3+ lifer….

Which nicely leads me to – Hymm! Because Dim is now 20 I can allocate him to weekend epics & raids as my DPS character and go back to working on Hymms (triple?) completionist. He picked up his epic Heart of Wood, courtesy of Turbine. On Friday evening evening my partner was out so I decided to get his eTR done. I took Colors of the Queen from the Primal Sphere (it was a choice between that and Doublestrike for my first eTR) then joined up with my guildie Aldrac and ran eE Impossible Demands & Unquiet Graves, then eH Wizard King. Some nice XP to start building on the Primal Sphere karma again.
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Addicted to DDO? Me?!

It’s coming up to noon here in the UK. I’m supposed to be painting my bathroom right now.

Instead I’m having a bacon & mushroom buttie to replenish my energy after several hours of Cannith Challenges on Thelanis to try and get some nice gear for my newly turbo levelled barbarian. Once I’ve finished I’ll be moving on to Sarlona to do some guildie runs 🙂