Hymm: Life 8 to Life 9

Firstly my apologies for this blog. It will probably be short and boring. But I’ve been ill & still feel crappy. I’m mainly posting for consistency with updates on Hymm.

It’s only taken 3 weeks to get from level 15 to level 28, which is pretty fast (for me)! I worked out if I could keep that rate going I’d manage 17 lives this year. To be honest – I can’t see that happening πŸ˜€ I didn’t think I’d actually hit level 28 this weekend (see note about being ill above) but I managed a few hours over the weekend and, with the help of guildies & the 20% XP boost, capped last night.

The build worked out surprisingly well. It ended up being a Bladeforged 12 Fvs/6 Monk/2 Paladin. I was running, on heroic levels, with Aldrac (also Bladgeforged) and Rach (Shadar Kai arti with Construct Essence) so I just threw Communion of Scribing around rather than cures. Looking at it now I could just ignore the cures and select completely different spells instead. Maybe next time. The saves on the build were pretty good. Once I hit level 20 his damage also jumped up to a much better pace & I could start throwing cocoon around too.. so yeah – not much use from the cure spells πŸ˜›

The build wasn’t exciting but certainly steady and a good reliable build if I decide to use it again for my other 2 Favoured Soul lives. My TR cache is now emptied (I’ve got it streamlined for Hymm now!) and hopefully this evening he will do his next Iconic TR into a PDK druid.

Told you it would be short πŸ˜€

Have fun, see you around!

8 thoughts on “Hymm: Life 8 to Life 9

  1. These Iconic TR’s intrigue me. I’ve seen lots of people do them, but I think I’m almost afraid to try them…ya know, in case I mess it up and I somehow become a horrendous Taken-esque creature. If I don’t mess up though, I think a Druid PDK life would be fun to try out.

    • I think a Taken-esque iconic misfit sounds great! lol

      But I am liking them so far. I’ve been trying a different one each time and the 2 for 1 past life feats are nice πŸ˜›

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