Getting into Iconics

On Thursday evening I got Dimachaerii to level 20. I won’t go into the nitty gritty XP details like I did on a previous blog with Hymm as he’s a second lifer. But I will say that it did not really seem any easier with the new XP curve. Maybe I’ll see it more when I next TR a 3+ lifer….

Which nicely leads me to – Hymm! Because Dim is now 20 I can allocate him to weekend epics & raids as my DPS character and go back to working on Hymms (triple?) completionist. He picked up his epic Heart of Wood, courtesy of Turbine. On Friday evening evening my partner was out so I decided to get his eTR done. I took Colors of the Queen from the Primal Sphere (it was a choice between that and Doublestrike for my first eTR) then joined up with my guildie Aldrac and ran eE Impossible Demands & Unquiet Graves, then eH Wizard King. Some nice XP to start building on the Primal Sphere karma again.

On Sunday I heroic TR’d Hymm into a Shadar Kai iconic. The plan is 2 fighter/6 ranger/12 rogue and once he hits 28 he will be iconic TR’ing. At the moment I’m not sure what I will TR into. I may just TR back into a Shadar Kai to pick up a few rogue past lives, but I also have plans for Favored Soul iconics, Cleric iconics.. lots of ideas – not enough time! At the moment I’m running with my partners bladeforged until we get to level 17, then she plans to switch to one of her characters that has been parked at level 17 for a while. To get used to the new build we spent a quick hour or so running the first Lordsmarch chain (not much XP but I do like the quests). I have to get used to sneaking around so I can assassinate rather than just charging in and hitting things. Though I still did that quite a bit 😀

Hymm as Shadar Kai

Sunday evening I switched back to Dim and ran some eE VoN quests with Rach, Tobril & Samius, followed by eE Red Fens where Aldrac joined us, then finished off with eH VoN 5 & 6. By the time I logged off Dim was level 22 – not bad for a few hours work!

Have fun, see you around!

3 thoughts on “Getting into Iconics

  1. Shadar Kai are – by far – the most interesting Iconics. Maybe because I am not that into Warforged, but regardless, very interesting possibilities, especially multi-classing possibilities, with the Shadar Kai

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