Dual Boxing

Last night I leveled my TR up to 15 and we got started on the Gianthold area. More importantly, this meant that my iconic bladeforged on my second account could join us πŸ˜€

Shadlowyn (partners ranger/rogue), Dimachaerii & Demoncherry

Demoncherry is 1 paladin/2 rogue/12 sorcerer. I do find it amusing that I’ve ended up with Dim & Demon playing together. ‘Demoncherry’ is what my guildies usually call Dimachaerii πŸ˜€ I built him as a helper, hence the rogue splash. As it turns out, both Dim & Shad have rogue or arti splashes so that bit probaby won’t be needed anyway, but the buffs are nice.

I had a few issues to resolve in order to get the dual box working. For starters, my iMac only had 4GB RAM. So I upgraded to 16GB. But I still had severe performance issues with both clients open, until a guildie recommended turning down my visual settings. I miss the high res I had previously – but it certainly did the trick πŸ™‚

Picking on the dummy

It was also interesting running a VIP & premium account at the same time and seeing the differences. For example, one of the Gianthold walk-ups got my VIP character 19K XP, while the premium only got 12K XP. But it was fun running the two together and since he’s a first lifer Demon isn’t going to need to worry about less XP too much πŸ˜€

OK that was just a quickie πŸ˜€

Have fun, see you around!

2 thoughts on “Dual Boxing

  1. Nice!

    would be cool having extra chest puller when soloing πŸ˜› but i struggle with one account open lol

    Enjoy the Demoncherry buffs!

  2. I haven’t dual boxed in a while, but I like to compare my VIP account to my premium account as well and I do find it interesting at times, especially when comparing things such as experience awarded.

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