Quick Update

I haven’t done a DDO based blog for a while so I thought I’d throw in a quick update. No pictures I’m afraid – I was too busy having fun & forgot to snap any 😀

The last few weeks I’ve been concentrating mainly on two of my characters – Dimachaerii & Hymm.

Dimachaerii has been run mainly during the week, when I’ve played. I must admit I’ve been having a lot of fun in real life lately so have not played as much as I could have. However, he’s now at level 13 with level 14 banked. I will probably push a bit harder now to get him to 20 so I can use him for weekend epic/raid runs while I concentrate on Hymm’s next few lives.

Hymm my main (and favourite) character is now capped at level 28, ready for the epic TR stone to drop on December 12th (woohoo – free stone! Thanks Turbine!). I’ve managed to get approx 2000 Comms of Valor since the changes came in on Hymm. I think he was level 24 when that happened, so I guess that’s not too bad…. and that’s just from running our usual cycle of epic raids and quests on a weekend.

My plans for Hymm as they currently stand are to epic TR when I get his free stone, then heroic TR into an iconic character. Getting him back to level 28 should get me enough comms for an iconic TR stone (although I have bought 2 while they were on sale this weekend so I don’t have to worry about it). From there I shall be iconic TR’ing to get the maximum stack of iconic past life feats while knocking out some class lives for working towards his completionist status.

The problem is – I’ve really enjoyed this life. He’s ranger 8 / rogue 6 / monk 6 stick build. I’ve fully upgraded his Sireth, almost fully upgraded his Pinion and I really, really enjoy playing him. I will miss the build and suspect this may be the build I use for his end life (as things stands at the moment). I have decided that, as much as I can, all following lives will be stick builds (especially since I now have a nice collection of quarterstaffs!). Next life – assassinating stick wielding Shadar-Kai 😀

Have fun, see you around!

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