Looking Back, Looking Forward

Last day of 2013 and to be completely honest I can’t wait to say good bye to this year. On a personal level it’s been a pretty crappy year, which only improved in the last few months. (It’s just been pointed out to me that it’s my fault it was a crappy year – which it was. Eh)

There have been some good points though. In September I completed a 5K assault course. It’s not something I’ve ever done before and I loved it. Even though I was knackered and covered in mud (no, really, I mean *covered*) by the time I finished it. In October I went to New York with my partner, something we talked about for years but never got around to doing.

2014 though – I am really looking forward to it. I’m planning on running the assault course again – with the intent of cutting down on the time it took me this year. We’re planning to go to GenCon in August, meeting up with Samius, Torrance and Tobril from the guild, as well as any other DDO players that are there. And we’re following it up with 7 days in San Francisco – a place I love.

DDO plans are to continue working on Hymm, getting through as many lives as I can with the ultimate goal of hitting triple completionist. Not that I expect to hit that goal this year – I just hope to put a dent in the number of lives I still need to get through 🙂

Still enjoying the Shadar Kai life

Anyway, no matter how your 2013 has been, I hope you all have a great New Years Eve (don’t drink too much!) and all my best wishes for 2014Have fun, see you around!

2 thoughts on “Looking Back, Looking Forward

  1. I’m going to get a hotel arranged this weekend for GenCon. The second the event schedule is available we’ll have to work out The Plan.

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