Hymm & Dim Update

Again, I’ve mainly been concentrating on Hymm and Dimachaerii over the last few weeks. A quick update on how they are doing (which isn’t much as the holidays have disrupted regular gaming).

Hymm is on his 7th life as an iconic Shadar Kai. Since his hTR into this life he’s got part way through 18. I was hoping to hit level 20 this weekend but I’ve been lazy, we’ve had family visiting, so it’s not happened.

However, what I have been doing is playing around with Vine. Here are a few I took today of Hymm running around clearing the Vale wilderness area for some easy XP.

Not sure why this one stutters – sorry about that

I think I need to buy a frame to hold my phone while I do these – rather than sat at my desk trying to hold the phone filming in one hand, trying to attack with the other 😀 In the meantime, expect more shaky camera work.

Dim has been coming out on a weekend to run the usual gamut of epics and raids. Again, with the holidays, it’s been a bit here and there as people are away or busy. But he’s now well into level 25 and has managed to cap two of his epic destinies that were sitting at level 3 or 4.

Waiting while a latecomer joins us in Cry for Help

As I write this we’re running the Gianthold quests on epic elite. We’ve just finished Madstone Crater. Not doing too bad considering none of us are above level 26 I think. We have myself (monk type), Tobril in his Shadar Kai monk, Aldrac in his monk axe wielder, Samius playing Butterz the bard, Torrance playing her sorceror and Rach playing her rogue.

Final fight in Cry for Help

Oh and if anyone thinks they are having trouble getting Comms of Valor – they need to have a word withh this guy on Sarlona….

Someone has put a lot of effort into gathering while the double comms were on

Have fun, see you around!

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