Well, like everyone else, I’ve been hitting Mabar for the past two nights, using my dark monk (level 25). I know some of my guild mates are getting a bit bored of it already, but I like the mindless violence of it 🙂

Amyway, it seems the drops have been quite lacking (imho) so last night I jumped onto Orien with my level 8 light monk, 30 minutes later I had triple the items dropped than on my Sarlona dark monk, and a key.

Except I’ve realised this morning that I’ve completely screwed up the experiment.

  • I wasn’t in a party
  • I was on a different server
  • There didn’t seem to be a lot of people in the graveyard – probably because the dragon had just opened up when I logged on

So I have no idea if I’ll get a higher drop rate with a lower level character on Sarlona ‘sigh’. And now, because I have stuff on my Orien character, I feel I should at least try and get him a pair of handwraps.

So I’ve just made extra work for myself – nicely done!

Good job I like the mindless violence 🙂

See you around!

5 thoughts on “Mabar

  1. The best drop rate for me was when I entered the level 8-13 instance with my bard level 7, without a party. What I saw is that when you enter on level, half the kills return the “too weak to give rewards” message, I don’t know why. And the thing about party is that it only works if you have a very-good-at-killing one, that equals or beats your own capability to kill. Any other ways you’ll just split your farming with others… (Ok, it’s a selfish tip, but it work if you’re farming for your life 🙂

  2. I can confirm that after two night of solid running, once on a level 7 and once on a 25 that the drop rate on the level 7 was MUCH higher than on the 25. This is NOT scientific since it contains only two days of data, but there you have it.

  3. There was a considerably higher drop rate on my level 20 in the 16-20 instances than on that same toon or my level 24 in the 20-25 instances. Though, as with the others, I also altered group size from 10-12 to 2-3. If more people post on this with their experiences we can run a really crappy meta-analysis and draw ‘eh’ conclusions instead of ‘yeah, whatever’ conclusions.

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