A quick round up for last week

This week in DDO….

The TR’ing continues. It’s been a bit slow as we TR’d last weekend because we were bored, but one of our guild was away doing family stuff so he missed our mad dash from levels 1 -5. So we created 3 halfling monks and a dwarf cleric and ran around with him this week catching him up.

This is my first halfling character. I’ve never really been interested in playing them before (apologies to Samius & geoffhanna) but wow – they are fast little buggers aren’t they?! I fully intend for this character to become a bank character, but I may consider a halfling monk in a future TR build….

This weekend, one of our other guild mates was off doing real life stuff so I broke out a character I haven’t played for a while, my khopesh wielding barbarian. Boy have I neglected him! He needs gear (I appear to be still wearing the goggles you pick up from Korthos island!) I got him up to level 18 just running IQ on normal with my partners artificer. It was a nice easy set of missions, perfect for a Sunday. And as they are both 1st lifers we don’t have the ‘urgency’ to run on elite with these characters.

One of the nice things about getting to 18 was he could now wear the Elocators Habiliment. The bad thing about getting to 18 is that he is now wearing the Elocators Habiliment! I mean – have you seen it?!? lol But the displacement clickie is nice, my AC goes up, and due to the lack of attention I have given him it’s the best he’s got. Now, do I think about running some Siber Atoll for Dragontouched armour, or wait until level 20 and get him the Druid set from Eveningstar with PDK helmet & gauntlets…?

Meanwhile, things got back on track with the TR train yesterday afternoon. We’re now all at level 6 with level 7 banked. Splinterskull is out of the way – and even though it was fairly quick to run with us all I’m really hoping we can avoid repeating it for XP needs. I’ve got another Visor of the Flesh Render – I don’t need to run it again just yet thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

However, we did run the Sharn Syndicate quests – when did they change the sound effects?? If you don’t know what I mean, I suggest you go kill a female halfling in there (Binders is a good mission for them). They sound…er…well… a bit rude we think! Are they channeling succubi? ๐Ÿ™‚

And just for the record, the current TR group is (and their previous lives):-

  • Hymm – half-orc barbarian (human monk/human monk)
  • Cedarian – human paladin (half-orc barbarian/human fighter)
  • Antaka – half-elf ronk/mogue whatever ๐Ÿ™‚ (half-elf monk/halfling monk)
  • Korvisa – elf artificer (elf ranger/elf ranger)
  • Ventenar – elf favoured soul (half-elf favoured soul)

Um.. I might have got some of that list wrong ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m sure my guildies will let me know if I have!

5 thoughts on “A quick round up for last week

  1. Halflings rawk. Monks rawk. Halfling monks = <3.

    And yeah… my cleric loves her Elocator’s, but on a boy barb, not so much. Is that the Horc by chance? ‘Cause I’d love to see a pic of that! LOL

  2. lmao no it’s a human barb – but here’s a picture anyway Wyrme

    When my Horc gets to 18 I’ll try and remember to get a picture of him in it just for you ๐Ÿ™‚

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