Last Bard Life

I’ve not had much chance to play over the last few weeks, but when we have squeezed in the odd hour we’ve made the most of it. Rachel’s pure Paladin that I am running with has already proven it’s a rock in both heroic and epic quests. For my last bard life on the path to triple completionist I decided to try a variation of a build fellow guildie Tobril has been running for his epic past lives.

The build is 3 rogue / 4 fighter / 13 bard. I went with a Shadar Kai race and focused on INT as my main stat, using the Harper tree enhancements to make this my damage stat. The build has proved to be really good. If you caught Samius’ Twitch stream last Friday you might have heard him mention the fact we were happy with our builds enough to run eE. We don’t normally bother. We’re more than happy to run eH so we can get through quests in a good time and not spend forever in an eE version of the quest. But this pairing has blitzed through eE quests without any real trouble. Yes there have been some deaths ( mainly me 😀 ) but it’s never been a problem.


This weekend we finally got to put a bit more serious time into playing, especially today. One of our other guildies, Aldrac, has just hit 20 so we switched to our level 22’s to help him get a few more epic levels. By today we were all level 25 and so we switched back to our main characters. With a few more guild members joining us this evening we’ve had a fun time running Gianthold & Haunted Halls and we’re now about 200K XP shy of capping.

Haunted Halls
De-spearing the giant

Which is what I was really hoping for as I have a warlock build ready for my next life. My initial intention was to do a pure warlock but we like to have some trapping skills and Rach has already planned another pure barbarian life next time round – so I decided to play around with a melee build that uses the warlock aura. It may suck – but it could also be a lot of fun 🙂

Stats & Skills
Feats & Enhancements
Remaining Enhancements

So hopefully we’ll get the last XP tomorrow night running the last 3 quests in Stormhorns and I’m back to trying to clear out my TR cache.

Creepy shot of Sineater from Belly of the Beast

And to finish off the evening – a bit of fun when Tobril realised he was wearing the same armour as Samius 😛


Have fun, see you around!

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