Finishing Off

This weekends bonus XP in DDO allowed me to get some characters finished off – finally!


This life has definitely taken longer than usual, but there has been a lot of real life stuff to do so it was inevitable it would take a bit longer. However I capped Hymm’s 19th life on Friday. This has been my first barbarian life since the enhancement tree overhaul, and my first ever fully played halfling char. He has been a lot of fun to run, the speed of halflings, added with the speed boosts from barbarian, made quests zoom along 🙂 I’ve liked the changes to the barbarian, the self healing is very handy.

I have heard that people on the main DDO forums are complaining that it’s overpowered… not sure why that is. It’s only effective if you invest heavily into barbarian. And why should it matter? All the changes to enhancement trees have improved classes and I’m sure each class will eventually get looked at. I’m getting tired of Turbine revamping enhancement tree’s for the better, then people coming along and complain…

Why does the Thunderforged quarterstaff look like a bit of railing?

OK, enough of that. The barbarian life has been fun. I think when I run my last barbarian life I’ll do a full 20 levels of barbarian and possibly switch to human for the extra feats. This week, I hope to have time to eTR then TR into what will be my last bard life.


Since Hymm capped on Friday night, when we got chance to play on Saturday I switched to Fyrne. He is already level 28 but was a few hundred thousand XP away from capping an epic destiny sphere. I wanted to get that capped so I can eTR then TR him too (not at the same time as Hymm though – that could get confusing!). So we ran VoN 3 & 4, then LoD chain thinking we could get a saga done for the XP. Except that chain was enough.

The drow bastard sword is pretty nasty looking – in a good way!


We also managed to squeeze in a few hours of play on Sunday so I switched again. Othala is currently level 21, running with Rach’s monk/paladin Nightley. Guildie Aldrac had just got to level 20 so we ran some House Phiarlan & Deneith quests, with Tobril joining us for a few of the quests.

Tactical positioning in party crashers

That’s all I have for you! Hopefully I can get another blog done once we have TR’d our mains and life 20 has started (how many do I need for triple completionist…? 39? 42 once Warlock comes out? eek)

Have fun, see you around 😀

2 thoughts on “Finishing Off

  1. Hey! Just wanted to pop by and say hi. 🙂 Can’t comment on TRs or capping a char, as I HAVE NEVER DONE IT! That’s right, 4 years of play, and not a single character tr’ed. :/ Nice blog, though.. “Beautiful Plumeage”. Looking forward to questing with you… if that ever happens!

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