Slow Going

It’s been a busy few weeks. I’ve been revising for an exam, I’ve been working on some personal training, so leveling Hymm has felt very slow so far.

Hymm & Willowing hit level 10 a few days ago. We’re currently working through the level 8 quests on elite and they are going well. Willowing is a pure barbarian, Hymm is barbarian with 2 rogue. I was originally intending to also do pure barbarian but after a few levels I just felt that the rogue levels could make things a lot easier.

Cue a hunt for a +1 reincarnation stone so I could swap out my first level.

Cue easy extra XP with 10-30% from trap disabling, some extra doors suddenly opened – good times 😀

When we hit level 9 we already had a plan. First thing – run ToEE on hE. Obviously we’d like some decent low level weapons for future TR’s (that didn’t happen….) but we also wanted to see what it was like at heroic levels. Comparing it with our duo run of eH, which is level 31, when we were at level 26 – it was actually much much harder. I guess the main difference is at the moment our barbarians don’t really have any self healing. So we took hirelings {rolls eyes} *that* worked well – not! They just ran straight for the mobs and the champions killed them. In the end, we parked them in passive mode in safe spots and just called them when we really needed them. We did better relying on healing pots.

We definitely found the at level heroic elite run more challenging than the under level run at epic hard. But still fun 😀

Level 9 is always our favourite. We followed ToEE with The Pit, Gwylans Stand and Tear of Dhakaan. Great XP and fun quests 🙂 Our run at level 9 finally allowed us to bank a level. I hate running the same quests over & over so we hadn’t managed to bank anything before then.

It’s also been slow to level our mains as we have been running 2 of our alternates.

I’m running my pure fighter Fyrne with Rachel’s cleric now sorcerer Rowendar and we’ve just hit level 26. My fighter is fine with epic hard quests, but when he gets into epic elite he is sorely deficient. But I expected that. He’s now managed to get 3 epic destinies unlocked but he is lacking self healing and his gear is not great ‘shrug’ but I don’t mind. We’ll get to level 28, TR again. I don’t intend to get as many lives for this character as I do for Hymm, just a few melee lives to improve some areas and I’m already considering having him end up as a hand wrap monk. Hymm will be a quarterstaff monk, but I do like having someone who can pound bad guys with his fists 😛

Our second alternates, Othala (sorcerer) & Nightly (monk) have just hit level 20. Poor Rach, Nightly was a 4th life character running with my second lifer and there was an imbalance of XP. I hit level 20 before her and it’s been a bit of a grind getting the last XP she needed. Again, my character feels a bit weak in certain quests, although I am quite pleased with some of the damage I’ve managed to inflict. Again, we’re planning to hit 28 then TR.

So it’s possible that all of Hymm’s future lives could be quite slow – three characters I have plans for that need seeing through!

OK that’s all I have for you. Apologies for the lack of pictures – I’ve completely forgotten to get any for you. Hope I’ve not bored you too much 🙂

Have fun, see you around!

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