Character Plans for 2016

Over the Christmas and New Year period I’ve found myself switching between characters quite a lot. Due to the various states they are all in I’ve found myself a bit lost as to who has flagged for what, who is going where. So here’s the blog none of you asked for, something to try and help me focus on my character plans for 2016 in DDO.


Hymm is still my main character and is still working towards triple completionist. Along the way, I intend to get all the Iconic Past Lives (probably more then I need to be honest) and Epic Completionist too.

According to my character page, I have a Morninglord life still to do. I have a plan to try a cleric swashbuckler build after my current life, so that will sort out my last Morninglord life. I also require 1 more Primal Epic Past Life and 3 Arcane – so a bit of work still to do there.

At the moment Hymm is on his second Druid life. He’s only level 6 at the moment, as we spent a lot of time working on what we call our ‘main alts’ to get them the last few levels to reach level 20 – and that’s who we go to next…

Hymm & Willowing – I mostly piked 😀


Othala is on his 3rd life and is a pure Warlock. I loved my Warlock life on Hymm so much I decided I wanted one to play whenever I felt like it. Also, I wanted someone more fun and, hopefully, more effective at epic levels. Yesterday (Sunday) he hit level 20, running with Rach’s current ‘main alt’ Nightley (a pure Paladin).

My plan is to use Othala for guild epic questing/raiding so I need to concentrate first on getting him flagged for all raids that require flagging then to farm for some basic but needed gear (a Pale Lavendar Ioun Stone for sure – he really needs one) and I think all my Legendary Green Steel ingredients will go to him first. I think he’s going to benefit most from the new Legendary Green Steel, especially if he’s going to be sat around in epics for a long time. Rach is still not sure if Nightley will stay at epic level, so Othala may get TR’d (into another Warlock) or he may stay put and one of my other alts will run with Nightley. I’ll see how he does at epic levels before deciding.

Othala the Warlock


Dim used to be my ‘main alt’. Unfortunately, after several updates he feels much less capable than he used to. To be fair he’s run a few Legendary Shrouds (only on Normal though) without any trouble (apart from being blasted for 1600 hit points by the Codex last night) but he doesn’t feel like he’s contributing when we run Epic Elite so I suspect I will feel the same with anything above Legendary Normal.

My problem with Dim is he’s a hand wrap user and I don’t really want to change that. I have quite a few good hand wraps and started crafting a few Thunder-Forged wraps too – I don’t want them to go to waste. So I’ve found a build that is Monk/Warlock and I’m toying with the idea of trying that. If it turns out to be terrible… well… no real loss, he’ll just have to be TR’d again.

Dimachaerii looking at a loss


My original character for completionist has been dusted off this year after a long period of nonuse. He’s currently a pure Paladin which I’m finding.. OK. But he’s not what I wanted. He’s currently running with Rach’s character Rowendar. She really wants to put Rowendar back to cleric so I guess we’ll be TR’ing once we hit 30. At that point, Fyrne will become the 3 rogue / 4 fighter / 13 bard I used on Hymm a few lives back which I really enjoyed. If it works as well on Fyrne (I’m not sure how the extra past lives Hymm has impacted the effectiveness of the build) I may leave Fyrne at epic levels too so I can switch between him and Othala for raids.

Fyrne – hardy but…

Grypp & Wylle

And lastly, the forgotten characters…..

Poor Grypp was my tank build and at one point I loved him. But again, with updates and lack of play on my part he’s not as good as he used to be. He’s still an OK tank, I ran him in a short-manned guild FoT and tanked the Stormreaver this weekend, but again he’s not someone I can rely on for Epic Elites.

And Wylle, my Cleric, hasn’t been out in months.

But, with the characters’ plans I’ve outlined above, I don’t think I can think about doing anything with them until I have Othala and Fyrne, at least, in a good position. So, I guess they will stay parked……

OK, I think that’s everyone. Apart from my bank characters. And my random test build characters. But I’m sure I’ve bored you enough. You really don’t want to read about them 😀

Thanks for reading! Have fun, see you around!

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