Gimme Chocolate!!

Wow, it’s been quite a while since I did a DDO blog. Almost 3 months in fact! Unfortunately, this blog will probably follow the same format as usual – we’ve TR’d, run quests, got lots of XP blah blah blah…. feel free to go find something more fun to read 🙂


Anyway, when you last heard from me, my main character Hymm was reaching the end of his melee Warlock life. Once we hit 28 we did the usual process of epic TR’ing then heroic TR’ing into an iconic life.

I became a PDK Warlock, thanks to the use of a +1 Heart of Wood. This may be the first time I’ve used a heart of wood to get rid of a level that comes, by default, with an iconic character. Usually I just build around it. But this time I wanted to be a pure Warlock.

It was an extremely fun build! Rach ran with her swashbuckling bard build and the mobs didn’t stand a chance. And yes, I know, everyone complained about the Warlock being over powered in heroics. You know what? I don’t care. It was FUN!!

Made the mistake of not checking what each other looked like – almost twins!

However, we have capped that life as well and Iconic TR’d into our current lives. I’m running a rogue/paladin/monk quarterstaff build I’ve used before. Rach is running her third (and final) barbarian life. We hit level 24 last night so we should cap in the next week or so.


But that’s not all! Our alts Fyrne & Rowendar are also level 24. They will get parked now that our mains are in epic levels until we TR again. I still don’t feel my paladin is particularly good, but I really haven’t spent a lot of time or effort gearing him, which I’m fairly sure is the issue.

I feel I should be able to pick up that torch…

Our second alts, Othala & Nightley, capped a few weeks ago and have now TR’d. Othala has become a human Warlock (I mentioned it was fun, right?) and Nightley is a human Paladin. Rach really enjoyed her Paladin lives and, like me, wants someone we can leave at cap for high level questing and raids with the guild. We have a way to go though – currently they are sitting at level 6.

Guild Stuff

This weekend has been a particularly fun guild weekend. Just about everyone was online and we had a lot of fun running full groups and just blasting through the XP. Sunday night we ran eE Von 1-6. It’s been ages since we last run VoN 5 & 6. It used to be a weekend regular, so it was great to get back in there. And surprisingly I did remember what to do 😀

The last in the epic elite run

Obligatory dragon shot 😀

The Night Revels

Anyone playing over the past few weeks knows about the Mabar event replacement. I wasn’t too bothered about the event, I had all the old Mabar equipment that I wanted and of the new stuff the only thing I really felt would be worth getting were the augments.

We ran the challenges the first weekend with guildies, as Samius & Torrance were collecting for gear. I was pleasantly surprised by how quick they were to run and the amount of XP gained from the epic versions. We were running the challenges 5 levels above us to get the maximum ingredient drop.

We tried to run it during the week with Othala & Nightly when they hit level 4 but discovered you have to be a minimum level of 7. So why have a level 1 – 5 area, Turbine? Doesn’t make sense and I was kind of ticked off.


Possibly my favourite part of the Halloween event

‘shrug’ I got over it 🙂 Rach & I ran the quests again, 2 of each challenge, on Sunday morning, getting the last few ingredients we wanted and netting approximately 18K XP per run. Very nice!

I mostly like the new event. I still think they should be accessible for lower levels, so hopefully they will consider that. But the challenges are quick, with good XP and it was easy to get what I needed.

I was reminded of this track while running the event

OK that’s everything I have. Have fun, see you around!

5 thoughts on “Gimme Chocolate!!

  1. I wasn’t super ultra excited about Night Revels.. But it was quick, fun, and the XP was straight bananas for first completion!

    And, of course, I got both brooms to cosmetic.. There will soon be a dwarf who shall “sweep clean” heroic dungeons! Because, bwahahahahaha!

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