Too many things to do!

So, things have been a bit hectic both in game and in real life over the last month or so. My apologies for the lack of blogs 😉 If it’s any consolation, I have another 2 planned that I hope to get out this week.


In DDO, I’ve been ploughing through the levels with Hymm again. He’s now on life 28. Which means I completely failed to blog about how the Morninglord life worked out, nor about the Warlock life after that!

The Morninglord life was OK. Not huge DPS, not huge healing, but the aura ticked over nicely and I could hold my own in fights. A handy build for getting a cleric life without being a cleric 🙂

After that Hymm TR’d to 2 Rogue, 18 Warlock, running with Rach’s 20 Warlock. She was Fey Pact, I was Fiend. At lower levels the fire damage is pretty good on mobs, but once you hit the devil etc it’s not as useful. However, Hurl Through Hell is bloody amazing and completely makes up for it! But really, 2 Warlocks running together was immense fun 😀

Dreaming Dark

He has now TR’d into a Deep Gnome Wizard. Originally I started out following Geoff Hanna’s Eldritch Knight build, but after a few levels I realised it wasn’t my play style, I just wasn’t enjoying it (I think that’s my issue with the Paladin builds I’ve tried – see Fyrne below). So Rach let me have a +3 Heart of Wood she had spare and I replaced the Paladin levels with Artificer. So he’s now 16 Wizard, 4 Artificer, Palemaster Rune Arm wielding Crossbow user. That was quite the mouthful… Anyway, I enjoy the build more but he’s still not very effective. Rach is pretty much carrying me this life with her TWF Ranger. I do occasionally help with CC and the odd Finger of Death 🙂

Hymm and Willowing

The good thing about all this TR’ing is we get a good collection of Mysterious Remnants from the heroic levels. So Hymm has managed to get all the tome upgrades available for turn in of the Remnants. Every little helps eh?


Othala has been out a few times at weekends for guild raids. He’s still kind of squishy (if you’ve watched Samius’ Twitch streams of us raiding you might have noticed that). I don’t think it’s the hit points, although a few more wouldn’t hurt, but I do need to work on his saves a bit. But, since he’s not going anywhere for a while (except maybe an epic TR at some point) I have time to gather better gear. I’ve even started crafting some Legendary Greensteel items for him.

Flagging for a guild run of Abbott

Ready for The Codex

7 man Defiler


Thanks to help from our guildies, Rach & I finally capped our disliked alts Fyrne & Rowendar. Poor Fyrne, he was a Bladeforged Paladin being run around by someone who didn’t have a clue. There were several things I missed doing in the build to improve him, but I also really didn’t enjoy playing him. So either I didn’t fix him because I didn’t like playing him, or I didn’t like playing him because I didn’t fix him.




Anyway, this morning we TR’d them into characters we (hopefully) like. Fyrne has gone to the Swashbuckler build I’ve used several times already, Rowendar has gone back to being a pure cleric. The only issue I’ve really had is usually this build is done on an iconic character – so I have most of the good stuff when I get started (talking about enhancements here…). But I’ve gone to a human, so I’m having to take the bits at each level. Ah well, I know it’s a good build and it will soon get to a good level (currently at level 4).

Have fun, see you around!

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