DDO App Update

Things have been a bit quiet regarding the DDO Puzzles app and I wanted to give those few of you who may be interested in it an update.

It’s not done yet.

OK a bit more than that :-). I really wanted it to be released by the end of June, but we moved house a few weeks ago so the last few weeks have been spent packing, moving, cleaning, decorating – all the fun things you want to fill your spare time :-/

I had hoped to get some things done last week but my laptop, which is what I’m using for development, decided it was going to Blue Screen of Death me every time I logged on. I *think* I’ve finally resolved the issue (Windows 10 critical update I am looking at you!) but I haven’t had the chance to sit and code for a long enough period to be sure it’s not going to start crashing on me again.

So you are going to have to wait a bit longer I’m afraid.

As it stands, the last things I need to do for the initial release are the various splash screens, unit tests, testing and perhaps most importantly – the Shroud puzzle. And this is where things get interesting.

Shroud Puzzle

When I first thought about doing this app it was a much smaller, less complicated idea. I wanted to do a Shroud puzzle app – similar to the one done by Cubicle Ninja for android – but for Windows and iOS. I got in touch with the developer who confirmed he wasn’t planning on making the app available for iOS and Windows (although he has now released it for the iPhone).

What I don’t want to do is step on the toes of a fellow DDO player who has previously released something for the community and has done a damned good job of it too.

So I’m tempted, for the time being, to not include the Shroud puzzle in the Android & iOS release. In fact, if I skip including it in all versions for now I could have a quicker release date.

Honestly, I’m undecided at this point. But I wanted to let you know my thoughts at this point in time.



As much as I love DDO and all you guys, the cost of putting an app to the various app stores is not free. I’m looking at having to pay approximately $150 for all three versions (a bit more if I also release for the Kindle). I know it’s not a huge amount of money, but I would like to try and recoup some of that cost. So I intend to include advertising on the app, hopefully in a non invasive, non distracting way, to help with that. I may even do a paid version of the app with no advertising ($0.99?).

Phase 2

OK less of the boring stuff 🙂 The initial release of the app will contain:-

  • Crucible Maze
  • Demon Queen Riddle
  • Enter the Kobold
  • Ghost of a Chance
  • Litany Questions
  • Rune Wheels
    • Sorrowdusk
    • Tangleroot
    • The Pit
    • Under the Big Top
  • Shroud Lights – maybe
  • VoN Light Puzzle

What I hope to do is, after the version 1 release, add a few puzzles each month, gradually building it up to a comprehensive reference for all the puzzles in DDO. So what I’d like to know is the most needed puzzles people want. If you have a moment can you let me know via the poll below which puzzles you’d like to see most in the next release? (up to 3 selections per person)

And I promise I’ll do my best to get v1 released soon!

8 thoughts on “DDO App Update

  1. Personally, I’d rather pay $0.99 and have no ads. I’m sure you could get at least 150 downloads for a comprehensive source, especially if the release gets into the Chronicle 😀

  2. Not on the list (save through “other”) is the rune-puzzle in “Haywire’s Foundry”. Kinda surprised it’s not in your initial release list.

    Just sayin’…

    • Shoot – I forgot to check the Trello card that had all the rune wheel puzzles listed!

      However, it’s not on there anyway 😀 I have a template set up for the rune wheels – I may just blast through as many as I can for v1.

  3. I’d be interested in contributing to this project (has been a project I’ve wanted to start for some time now, but have been too busy to tackle it alone). Get in touch and we can discuss details. 🙂

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