TR Train Comes Off the Tracks

Unfortunately, one of the guildies is having issues with his ISP. He has lost his internet and doesn’t expect it to be back for a few weeks. As we TR’d our characters as a whole guild, it seems a bit unfair for us to keep playing them while he’s not around.

Fortunately, I have plenty of other characters to work with 🙂

So, over the weekend, my partner helped me get my barbarian to cap (is 20 still cap? Oh well you know what I mean), where I promptly took my free LR to re-spec him. I always felt I’d not taken some of the feats I needed, missed a few enhancements. So this was a good point to correct that. Except that I stupidly picked the THF feat instead of the TWF feat {facepalm}. But, I took the TWF feat as well, continued the LR, then ran off to see Fred in House J to swap THF for Toughness 🙂

Last night, we ran with our second lot of TR’s. That is my fighter and my partners clonk. The whole idea of TR’ing these characters was to play them when nobody else was around. So I don’t feel guilty about playing them while my guildie gets himself sorted out. One of our other guildies jumped on with his druid and we had fun running Tear of Dhakaan with his ‘pack’.

My dark monk is working through his US epic destiny a bit at a time. But I haven’t played my high level fighter or artificer in weeks. I should really spend some time with them too……

Looking forward to Update 16, even though the Primal Avatar epic destiny reminds me of this old UK advert (and now I’m showing my age!!)

Have fun, see you around!

5 thoughts on “TR Train Comes Off the Tracks

  1. Yeah, I have this thing about calling level 20 ‘cap’. I mean, you can TR, so that’s cap, right? And 25 is, err, improved-cap, and expanding all your ED is greater-cap! That’s the ticket! Bew!

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