Easy Night

Due to various scheduling issues and previous appointments & commitments, my partner & I were the only ones one from our guild for most of last night.

We decided to run the first chain in Eveningstar with my level 24 monk (who has already done them) and her level 21 cleric (who she desperately wants to level up). And I realised that a) I had forgotten how pretty is is out in Kings Forest b) eN is quite easy….

It made a nice change from running our TR’s, who are now sitting at level 13 & 9 respectively. Because they are so close together I feel like I’m running the same missions over & over. Which is something I don’t really enjoy doing.

On Sunday night our guild decided to try eH Offering of Blood, something we’ve not tried running on epic before. There were only 4 (out of the 5) of us. It was going fairly well. There was a slight hiccup to procedures when we got to the second bridge, where the traps are, and realised the rock ledges around the side of the cave were no longer there 🙂 but we got past. Unfortunately, we completely wiped when we got to the last fight. The scorpions just stunned us over & over…. oh well. We have some ideas of what to do on our next attempt. And I definitely want to try it again, it’s something different, I’ve realised my monk is not flagged for ADQ (no idea how that happened!) and it was 45K XP!

See you around!

4 thoughts on “Easy Night

  1. Not tried EOoB yet, WizKing EH was a toughie, BoB,TTT,TBL and phiarlan were doddles tho, but still good xp
    OOh I think I did EVoN1-3 too, good xp not too intense

  2. We tried WizKing epic before the changes and got our arses handed to us at the end – we didn’t know about the wraiths. I’ve never seen people go down so quick – very funny 🙂 We should give it another try.

    Yes we regularly run eH Snitch, BoB, TTT, Carnival & LoD, but have now run them so often the xp is quite low.

    We need to do the VoN chain at eH too – thanks for the reminder 🙂

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