Dancing with Defense

This weekend was a bit up & down. Or rather, down and up… Saturday was a bit of a bust. I actually thought I’d picked up a flu bug, but turned out the cold I’ve had for the last week decided to up the stakes. So I didn’t really do anything on Saturday.

On Sunday, feeling slightly better, I got dragged back online by my partner and discovered Tolero was currently pugging on Sarlona for her 24 hour charity drive. So we jumped in Red Willow Ruins with her group. That was fun 🙂 And congratulations once again to her for managing 24+ hours of gaming. How great is the DDO community for raising that much cash?

One of our other guildies arrived later on and we ran the first chain in Eveningstar with his newly capped paladin. I got some nice XP, getting me closer to finishing my 3rd level of US. I think once I’ve hit that and got my next fate point, I’ll switch to another destiny. Although I’ll miss those hit points…

Finally, last night, we grouped with Samius, Torrance & Tobril of the Defense Guild and ran a few raids, eH Chrono & hH VoD. That was a lot of fun 🙂 They really know their stuff, and it’s a lot easier running them with a group of 7 compared to our usual 4 or 5 🙂 My partner was pleasantly surprised to realise her cleric hadn’t had to pot once.

Hopefully, our 5th guildee will get his internet sorted out this week and will be back with us by the weekend. Just in time for Mabar 🙂

Have fun, see you around!

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