Our guild has regularly been 3-5 manning epics for a few months now. Not a big deal to the majority of DDO players I would imagine – you’ve probably been doing it for years! But we’re a small guild of friends and we like trying to do this kind of thing together to ‘learn the ropes’ as it were, rather than making complete fools of ourselves in a PUG 🙂

Up until now we’ve been running House P, House D & Red Fens. Last night we decided to try something we have not done yet – House K. We decided to start with Tharashk Arena.

The first attempt ended at Gate 1 when the trolls coming from the room got slightly rowdy, out of control, and we just couldn’t put them down quick enough. hmmm… so regroup, rethink on the tactics and back in again. I should mention that the party make-up was 2 light monks, one cleric and 1 ranger.

This time round, the light monks cookie doughed (sorry – that’s what we call Kukan-Do :-)) two of the trolls in the doorway, stunned two more with Stunning Fist, effectively blocking the doorway so they couldn’t all charge out at us. That made it nice and easy for us to stay all together to make it easier for the cleric as well as controlling the mob.

That got us to the arena itself. And this is where we discovered something we didn’t know. The rooms the monsters come out of can be accessed, if you get in there when they are coming out. Which meant, for the second round when you get the mephits, ogres, minotaurs & kobolds all at once, we could actually stagger the intake of monsters to take out by luring them apart.

So, we finished Tharashk Arena on epic for the first time last night. It took some planning and thought, but I love that this game allows you to think of strategic solutions to the high level content, rather than having to rely on certain party builds!

2 thoughts on “Epics….

  1. I’ve never quite known if I was pronouncing “Kukan-Do” correctly. “Cookie Dough” it is from now on!

    And I’ve said it before but it bears repeating – the best players aren’t the super-twinked-out ones who are always either bragging about how easy-peasy everything is for them or bitching about how they have to carry their weaker partymates. The best ones are the ones who find a way to win even if it means learning from their losses first. Congrats! 🙂

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