Playing a Bit of Everything

Although I have played my TR Hymm during my normal evening game play, I’ve jumped around with who I play over the weekend more than I normally do. Usually I seem to pick a character and run him all weekend. Oh and we helped out a friend πŸ™‚ more on that later.

I actually took this shot the other week but forgot to include in my last blog

Hymm is now at level 15 with level 16 banked. I’ve been running mainly with Row (on her character Nightley who is trying one of Hymm’s previous builds of arti/fighter/monk) and this week Aldrac joined us with his Sorc who’s been stuck in limbo while he runs his other characters. We’ve cleared Sands, run Wiz King a few times, started on Gianthold… as I mentioned last week I’ve been hoping the next release would be out soon with the new heroic level sagas and is it turns out – the patch is coming out today πŸ˜€

so… I fell off the guild ship…

Because the patch release was announced we decided to leave the rest of the Gianthold missions for now. Instead we cleared the wilderness area, getting all the explorers (that first run is always nice XP) and ran the second Lordsmarch chain.

Who said it’s not worth running wilderness areas?

I ran a few things with my dark monk, Dimachaerii, including High Road & ADQ. I’m still really liking his ninja enhancements and I think I will stick with him continuing to be dark for the time being πŸ™‚

Who’s a big ugly demon then?

Last week, on Twitter, Legend mentioned he’d tried to join a Lord of Blades raid, but he’s not run it before and the party leader didn’t bother responding (Seriously? People can’t even say “sorry but I really want people who have already run the raid” if that’s what they are looking for?)

Anyway…. our guild has run Lord of Blades with the Defense Guild several times. I happen to know it’s one of Tobrils favourite raids and he taught us. So, I arranged with the guildies, with DG and with Legend to do a run of it on Saturday evening.

He does look awesome…

In we went. There were 7 of us running eN and basically Tobril covering tactics. There were a few deaths, but the run went nice and easy with us marking LoB to get the extra chest. Better still, the extra chest dropped the part needed for Toven’s_Hammer and one of my guildies was on running the quest with his artificer. On a roll, we decided to run Master Artificer too (since Legend hasn’t run that raid either).

I do like the Titans in here

Master Artificer was very fast πŸ™‚ Again we just ran eN to run through how the raid works, which means we didn’t have to worry so much about the electricity. Just ran through it and killed stuff πŸ˜€ From the end chests the other part of the Toven’s Runearm dropped – so my guildie was quite pleased with that. Legend had an alchemical Tower Shield drop, which he very kindly passed to me – so I guess I need to work out what I need on there for my next tank life πŸ™‚ And another guildie had some alchemical hand wraps drop – sweet! I suspect we may be running LoB a bit more. Hopefully that helped Legend out though I know there’s a lot happening in LoB. It took a few runs of the raid for me to be comfortable with what has to be done. And you know you’re welcome to join us when we run it Legend πŸ˜›

The rest of the weekend was our normal stuff, eVoN, CitW, some quick epics for XP. Grypp hit level 28 last night and after sleeping on it I’m now thinking he may be my next TR. I better start thinking about builds πŸ˜›

Have fun, see you around!

2 thoughts on “Playing a Bit of Everything

  1. woot!

    Thanks to you all for doing that, was a little confused in LoB but hopefully more runs will change that, appreciate you letting me tag along πŸ˜›

    I did quickly flag my other guy so will have to try running it with both

    Grats on your other accomplishments πŸ˜€

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