Life 18, Guild News, App News

Life 18

Sunday afternoon myself and Rach capped our current lives. It feels like this life has gone pretty quickly (which I guess it has, 15 to 28 rather than the 1 to 28 of the previous life). I am, however, getting a bit bored of bards now. The plan was to TR back into my last artificer life using the previous artibard build – but I couldn’t face it. So last night we TR’d and I’ve gone with a more traditional artificer build, with a 2 rogue splash for evasion. We’re back to level 1 (actually, level 2 after a quick run of Korthos Village), the plan being to again hit 28, epic TR then heroic TR.

Hopefully the break from bard will mean I won’t find it quite so bad when I go back to my last bard life after this one.

I really didn’t know you could jump up here in Collaborator!

Guild News

We’ve been running with someone new for the past few weeks. Raider is a friend of Tobril’s and his guild has pretty much all left the game. This weekend we invited him to become a permanent fixture with us and he accepted 😀

App News

The puzzle app has been put on hold for now but this doesn’t mean I’m not developing. I’m working on another app, much smaller in content, as a way to introduce myself to mobile app development. The Windows desktop version is nearly done, then I can tidy up the mobile version. The problem is I either need a Windows phone (which I am thinking of getting when my contract comes up for renewal in a few months) or I need to upgrade to Windows 8.1 Pro in order to test it.

I guess if I keep dawdling I’ll have the phone by then 😛

The app will be called DDO Life Tracker. The idea is that you can use it to keep a track of your characters lives, recording all your heroic, epic & iconic past lives. It may be that I’m the only person who sees a use for this…. ‘shrug’

OK that’s all I have for you 🙂 Have fun, see you around!

3 thoughts on “Life 18, Guild News, App News

  1. Life tracker sounds fun. My bio on Radzax is pretty full as I record what races, classes etc. are as a running tally of what I’ve done. I estimate triple completion by end of Summer. 3 more iconic lives, 12 epic lives and about 14 heroic, so after iconics gonna go 1 to 28 like you.

  2. I’d be curious to see the life tracker app myself as I’m currently tracking Erd’s past lives on paper and through his signature on the guild’s webpage.

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