Hymm Follow Up – Epic Levels

Last weekend, we had the mad dash from 1 – 20 with our TR’s. This weekend was all about the epic XP. The three of us from the HotDW guild had hit the House P chain and part of the House D chain during the week. Once the DG joined us on Saturday we ran through the Red Fens & VoN chains on EH, followed by the first 2 quests in the Lords of Dust chain.

Again, I have to say that the team, with all the self heals we have going on (helf cleric dille, warforged, UMD) blitzed through without any real problems. I guess it also helps that we’re all on 3+ lives so have lots of gear. I didn’t actually realise how many clickies I had on Hymm…..

Also, because we used the Otto’s box as part of our TR strategy – we have skipped all quests that have epic XP. That means 1st time completion bonus when we run them. With the purchase of the Update 18 Collectors Edition I have a Greater Tome of Epic XP Learning running on Hymm as well. I was level 21 on Friday night. By Saturday night I was level 23, and I had almost finished capping the Primal Avatar ED. It was a lot of XP!!

Sunday I logged on slightly later (had some work in the garden work to do) and jumped in with my guidlies running some more House D epics. Once the DG guys joined us, we decided to risk the Spinner of Shadows, as Torrance has no key to get to Eveningstar, so you have to complete this chain…. except, if you didn’t know, it’s bugged. The Spinner gets stuck, no spiders spawn, the only way to get through is to submit a ticket. which we did. And waited. And waited. In fact, I’m writing this blog as we wait – it’s been 45 minutes so far… it’s quite frustrating.

Update 18 Stuff
So, as something else to write while I wait for a DM to help us, I ran the U18 chain with a guildie on Friday night. They’re only level 15, so we ran them with our new TR’s and still managed to get a bit of XP. As we have both purchased the Legendary Upgrade pack (yes, I am that addicted) we both tried out our Owlbear hirelings too. They were fun πŸ™‚ Also, kind of cute… and when they both get stuck in traps there is lots of noise lol.

The best bit was at the end of the last mission, where I had a nice surprise with a new piece of loot dropping – the Pale Green Ioun stone.

With regards to the missions themselves.. I think they will be fun at level. They obviously have the same look as the current Forgotten Realms quests. I’m assuming Wheloon itself will expand once the expansion is released, as the final mission appears to be just the docks area.

Back to now…
Well I’m still waiting. It’s been an hour. I’ve actually eaten my dinner while we were waiting. Discussions are now under way as to what we can do instead. Of course, as soon as we step out the DM will probably respond 😦

Have fun, see you around!

18 thoughts on “Hymm Follow Up – Epic Levels

  1. Great XP πŸ˜€

    Yeh i did spinner on friday before i knew of the bug, i told Row about it while i waited for GM, i only lasted 20mins tho before closing ticket and moving onto something else πŸ˜›

    I ran throught the new quests too, i was solo with hire, ofc it wasnt much challenge being lv23/24 but will be interesting to see what there like at level πŸ™‚

  2. I knew about the bug but I didn’t know you were supposed to submit a ticket. Can GMs stuck that… or what happens? I really would like to get some shards and update stuff.

    Gratz on the Ioun Stone and the massive XP! Will you stay at 4th life?

    And what did you have for dinner?

    • Yeah the GM completes it for you, so you get XP & completion – but no chest.

      No Hymm has more fighter, barbarian & paladin lives to get through before going back to being a monk πŸ™‚

      And I had pasta πŸ˜€

      • I love pasta! I can still get nice exp from that quest but meh… I want my shard so I’ll be skipping that. I decided to take it easy with ED for now.

    • Nope. I’ve heard you can get around it by not hitting her – except you need to hit her to get the spiders to spawn.

      Doesn’t matter now, Torrance is through so we don’t need to run it again any time soon πŸ˜€

  3. Yeh i call that 2nd one, that could be really tough solo at level, i had like 15mobs at one point lol

    Those shadows are cool, still dissapointed there ist gonna be new raid

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