Sarlona Weekend (with some silliness)

I didn’t get as much time to play this weekend as I’d hoped, but the time I did get was productive, fun and maybe just a little bit silly…

Myself & two guildies ran the High Road chain. I know myself & Row were running our latest TR chars (Hymm & Willowing), I’m not sure what Aldrac was running… the guy TR’s so much I can’t keep track lately πŸ˜› The run was just eH on everything. It went very smooth, we all have self heal capabilities with our builds, including ED’s, which makes things a lot easier πŸ™‚ And with it being first time run, nice XP!

BlueSilence mentioned on twitter at the end of last week that he had solo’d eE Unquiet Graves. It got me thinking. I know the quest well and I wondered if I could manage it myself. So I jumped in with Grypp, who has a ton of hit points and can self heal when in the correct ED. I took Albus (FvS hireling) with me just to be lazy with the Deathward – and he was the only death. I kind of surprised myself by managing to do it. But I think I will try it again without the hireling…

Then I had a quick half hour on Orien farming Impossible Demands, which got Sprynge through Legendary Dreadnought into.. Shadowdancer? I think? I’m trying to get him to Primal Avatar, anyway, so I can get Cocoon.

When I got back online late afternoon/early evening the Defense Guild peeps were on, so we ran an eE Detour, three of us hoping for the boots to drop (they didn’t), followed by an eH Detour (still no boots) and 2 x eN FoT. I ran with Grypp as he needs comms to upgrade his armour, tanked Truthful One, and won the roll for a Braisingstar. Grypp uses Bastard Swords, mainly, and can use two handed weapons when I need to switch to DPS (Cleaver being my usual two hander) but I am really lacking a blunt weapon and the Braisingstar works nicely for that πŸ™‚

After pugging for two runs of FoT, we decided to run something with just our two guilds and ran a quick & easy eN/eH Von 5 & 6.

Another late start for me on Sunday, again I didn’t get on until late afternoon. People were sorting themselves out so I finished the druid chain in Eveningstar with Row, again on Hymm & Willowing. I got a nice drop of a Livewood Core which I suspect would work out quite nice on a WF monk build. Oh and look, I have one of those πŸ˜€

Once everyone was online we ran CitW, just a quick run on eN, followed by a short manned Shroud, just Heroes & DG, which was lots of fun, relaxed.. Shroud is still one of my favourite raids πŸ™‚

We ended the raids with a run of eH Chrono. And this is where things got a bit silly. Samius & Torrance had popped out to do some quick garden chores so we were waiting for them. First off – dancing, as a usual thing to do when bored. It was commented that all myself & Tobril needed (we’re both half elves) was a handbag between us while dancing….

Then Tobril got his pet Tressym out, followed by Row, then myself, then Aldrac & soon we were all stood around with flying cats. Any that were unnamed had to be named. And do you know how much noise all those pets make when you get them all ‘pouncing’ at the same time? It’s a lot πŸ™‚ The whole quest comprised of cat noises and giggles πŸ˜€

The last few weekends I’ve mostly focused on Grypp & Hymm. Their Epic Destinies are starting to fill up nicely. Grypp is doing particularly well and can pretty much look after himself a lot of the time. But I really wish Turbine would think about implementing a system that would allow you to save templates for your twists. I find I am switching them a lot, depending on what I am running, and this small enhancement would just make things a lot easier πŸ™‚

Grypps ED’s

Hymms ED’s

OK that’s me done. If I organise myself I might try and do a blog about this weeks Orien runs, since I’m currently splitting my time Mon – Thu on Orien, Fri – Sun on Sarlona πŸ™‚

Have fun, see you around!

9 thoughts on “Sarlona Weekend (with some silliness)

  1. Graz on successful runs πŸ™‚

    If u’re going for PA and finished LD, the next ED would be Shiradi, not Shadowdancer. πŸ™‚ I took Shiradi to 3, then switched to PA.

    My guys, Cerge has Magister and DI 4, Maidae has capped GMoF and is currently running Shadowdancer (because I want energy sheath, not that I know how the hell I’ll be able to use it without mana). Thaz has capped all but shiradi (3) and fury (1).

  2. I like your templates idea. As a matter of fact, I wish we could have templates for gear (like some other games), and even a template for audio settings, I like to listen to SFX and DMV but if a party requires “ears” then I have to shut down if I want to hear their mumbling.

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