Othala the Warlock – Current Status

As I mentioned in a previous post, my Warlock Othala needs some changes. I would like to keep him as a Warlock, and capped, so I have someone I can pull out for guild epic/legendary raids on a weekend that I a) enjoy playing b) is useful. So I intend to Epic Reincarnate now he’s hit level 30 to correct some areas. But not necessarily straight away – I want to spend some time trying to gather gear.

This is his 3rd life, the previous lives being Artificer & Sorcerer. He is a Fey Pact Warlock and I use the Utterdark Blast to set his damage as sonic & evil. I already know I’ve made a mistake by not putting skill points into perform to increase his sonic spellpower {facepalm} so that’s one thing I will address with his epic TR. But I’d like to know if anybody has any other suggestions.

His current stats (with ship buffs) are:-

His spellpower is:-

His weapons:-

His epic detinies (will be maxed soon!):-

And his gear:


Cannoneer’s Goggles


Shadow Dragonscale Armor


Too embarrassing to say!

Ring 1

Constitution +14 Radiance +148
Lantern Ring


Plundered Pirate Hat


Necklace of Mystic Eidolons


Treads of Falling Shadow


Purple Dragon Gauntlets


Voice of the Master


Cloak of Night


Constitution +9 Hit Points +40
Epic Chord of Reprisals

Ring 2

Sonic Lore +15 Resonance +111

So, I’ve mentioned before I don’t normally play casters. I’m guessing from looking at my spellpower details that I need to increase the critical chance & multiplier for light and sonic. Obviously I need to sort out my gear so I’m not repeating things i.e. CON +14 ring & CON +9 belt.

So here are my questions:-

  • What gear do you think I should be aiming for?
  • Is there any other named loot I should be trying to pick up?
  • Should I consider LGS weapons (the weapons do not have light or sonic) for the stat boost and focus my spellpower gear elsewhere?
  • Am I even making any sense? 😛

I’ll let you know how things progress 🙂

Have fun, see you around!

4 thoughts on “Othala the Warlock – Current Status

  1. I’m not sure an eTR will help with fixing lack of skill points in “Perform” – think you need an LR for that (eTR just takes you back to L20, no?).

    Not sure I can help with the rest, as I don’t usually play casters, either.

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